Livestrong Day!

Today is LIvestrong Day!

Lance Armstrong’s Cancer diagnosis came on 10/2 and he started the Livestrong Foundation to provide people with a cancer diagnosis hope and information. He also started Livestrong Day to stand in solidarity with people who have had cancer. Twitter and Facebook are being flooded today with messages of remembrance and support. If you post a message then it will be matched with a one dollar donation to help fight cancer and to support those living with the diagnosis.

I urge you to post a message or go to the website, I don’t know anyone whose life has not been touched by the evil genius of cancer. I know I have. I’ve lost my little brother and my brother’s husband’s sister. We‘ve lost my uncle to lung cancer. Two of my cousins are cancer survivors and virtually everyone in the family will at least get or has had skin cancer. I’ve lost friends to breast and ovarian cancer as well as other nasty buggers. I have friends that are fighting the battle for their lives right now.

So go to your twitter or Facebook and tweet a message and use hashtag LivestrongDay! Stand up!