all tea is herbal

It always amuses me when people tell me they only drink herbal tea. All tea is herbal, in fact almost everything we drink has an herbal component. Black and green tea come from camellia sinensis, your camellia that grows in the yard is a relative.

Coffee comes from the coffea plant which also makes it an herbal drink. Cola comes from the cola nut and also has what they call expired coca leaves. The king of all herbal soft drinks would be root beer made from things like sassafras, licorice root, vanilla bean, Cherry tree bark, wintergreen, nutmeg, sarsaparilla root, acacia, molasses, cinnamon, sweet birch, black birch, spruce, burdock, dandelion and clove.

If you add sugar, you’ve added another herbal, either sugar cane, saccharum officinarum or sugar beets, beta vulgaris. Unless you are drinking plain water you are ingesting an herbal substance of some kind.

Just because it doesn’t say herbal on the label doesn’t mean it isn’t herbal. And the word tea refers to the process it’s made with a tea is made with the infusing of dried leaves in boiling water.

2 thoughts on “all tea is herbal

  1. Lol, good post, good points and good for a laugh. I’ve never had anyone tell me they only drink herbal tea, but now I will have a good quip ready if someone ever does.


    • It’s like the people say they use herbs because they are all natural. I usually say well, Socrates drank an all natural drink and it didn’t do him a lot of good.


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