Archive | September 24, 2012


I had a full Mabon weekend. Saturday, two of my coven sisters and an I went to breakfast and then for a hike out in the Wildlife Refuge. They have a compass laid into the ground of one of the stations so it makes for easy circle casting. It was a beautiful if really hot day out there and we were greeted at the entrance of the trail by a teeny weeny gopher snake. They are soo cute. I managed to get one picture before he disappeared into a bush and probably down a ground squirrel hole since I went looking to see where he went. And yes, if I had found him I probably would have picked him up. He was really small and adorable and yes, to that too, I think snakes can be adorable. I’ll post pics later.

I only saw one of the ospreys but there were tons of the cormorants that haunt the lake in sizes small, medium and large. We only saw one egret but as we were leaving to go out there was a Great Blue Heron all scrunched down on a branch over the pathway. So scrunched that I thought he was a bittern at first. I managed to get quite close but something spooked the one we couldn’t see who was farther back in the tree and they both took off over our heads. Just glorious. Totally a Mabon blessing.

Sunday, my sister and I had the great pleasure of having lunch with my late brother’s husband. He was done on vacation and he stopped on his way to San Diego. It was a lot of fun to catch up with him. He’s had a rougher year emotionally than we have. His little sister was taken to the Summerlands with a rare form of cancer earlier this year. Cancer seems to have it in for the people I love. And nobody gets normal cancers. They get weird ones with no determinate causes. Cancer Sucks!

But It was nice to get to hug him and talk to him. He’s the only brother we have left. With the added bonus of eating at our favourite restaurant, DuPar’s. Anytime we get to eat there it’s all good. It’s an old fashioned home style restaurant that our family has been eating at for over 60 years and probably before that but it’s been a family go to place as long as I’ve been alive. Chalon’s closed long ago which was another restaurant the family went to here in LA when I was a kid.

I missed seeing the Space Shuttle because they laid off all the other temps except for 3 of us and I didn’t want to be included in the going away list. My sister and I decided we will take the train and go watch it come down the street and into the museum. That ought to be something special to watch. How often does the Space Shuttle go down Exposition Blvd?

Anyway, it was a nice if too hot weekend and I wish it would cool down to sleep.