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If you are in the US Mabon is not until TOMORROW!

I refuse to celebrate the season today. According to almanacs it is tomorrow at 10:49 am. It is not Mabon/Autumnal Equinox/ Ostara or Vernal Equinox until the 22nd. It’s still the 21st here in the US. I am not going to push it one minute sooner. I plan to be in the Wildlife Refuge at 10:49am tomorrow and not one minute sooner.

More basket or box fun

I also have the boxes for new members of my coven or friends that are initiating or being ordained.

For an adult: make the box. As I said you can get really fun boxes at Michael’s or you could even do a basket from Cost Plus. What witch couldn’t use a good traveling basket?

Most of the things to put in a good new witchy basket can be found at Cost plus also.

Line the basket with napkins or linen cloths from the Dollar Store or Cost Plus.

If it’s big enough 4 candle holders and tea lights of the appropriate colours or white.

Water: Rubber ducks or nice bath bombs or soaps. If you have a Crabtree and Evelyn and are feeling flush with spending money you can get small trial sizes of their products. Lotion, the Chinese shells that open up to flowers that you can find in your local Chinatown stores. Shells are a no brainer. Teas and a tea ball if necessary.

Air – feathers or bird ornaments are good. Incense from your favourite vendor and if it’s loose incense don’t forget to put charcoal blocks in. Faery statues or other objects are good.

Fire – Incense burners that suit the kind of incense you are including and matches or a sacred Bic fireplace lighter. Obsidian or other igneous rocks and crystals.

Earth – seed packets and small pots for herbs. Geodes and crystals, hematite for grounding, animal totem figures are easy to find either ceramic or carved stone. Sage smudge sticks

Misc – Teeny weeny tarot decks are easy to find. Even Barnes and Noble has them up at the cash wraps. I get in trouble in the Oriental Trading Company catalogue. Small Goddess or God statues can be tucked in. Handmade jewelry is also fun to tuck in. Glow sticks in elemental colours or wands are usually in our local Dollar Store. I like to go there when I have a little extra money and get things to put away for the future.

Pull the napkins over and tie or secure with a nice pin. If you are feeling really ambitious and really like wrapping things you can do that but since you are lining the basket with cloth napkins not really necessary.

Use your imagination. Once you start it is hard to stop.

Gifts for the season

Now is the time of year for pagan parties and this is an idea for those parties that have been designated “no gifts” but you can’t stop the urge to bring something to the party. Why not be a good witch/faery and take a page from Sleeping beauty – bring a good wish or a spell.

Find a pretty bottle or special box or you can decorate a container of your choice. Michaels has star shaped boxes that I’ve painted and then decorated with witchy shaped glitter and other fun glittery things. I haven’t done one of these in awhile so I don’t have any at home to take pictures of.

Get a piece of nice paper or parchment and write you spell or wish for the person. Roll up like a scroll and place it inside. Gift the box.

Or you can take fruit juice or some non-alcoholic beverage and charge it with the wish and decorate the bottle. You can label it “Good Will Potion” or “Birthday Wish Potion” or even if it’s a person sensitive about their age, “Eternal Youth”. Charge accordingly and gift it.

I’ve also decorated boxes like this for baby showers and they have been “Baby’s first altar”. I used a rattle for a wand, a baby bottle for a chalice, a baby sized plate for a pentacle and a fancy diaper pin for the athame. All of these were painted with non-toxic acrylic paint for washability. I also added crystals and pretty stones and lined the box with cotton. I’ve also used a rubber duck for the pentacle and a tiny flashlight lightsaber for the athame. Add to it with whatever strikes you. I’ve done baby’s first cord or a stuffy could be baby’s first familiar.

For a toddler, the chalice could be a sippy cup. Etc.

I decorate the boxes inside too, Usually with white paint and imbed star glitter in it or I’ve used the paint that has the stars in it to cover it.

The only limit is your imagination.