Archive | September 20, 2012


Okay, the royalties I get are never very big. Usually only about $20 a month but every time I get it I get excited. It makes me feel like a real author. Today I got an email that for the first time I got royalties from Amazon. UK. Whoohoo! For those of you who are not writers, you don’t get royalties when you earn them. You only get them when they reach a certain level the publisher decides or when a certain amount of time elapses from sale.

So I say thank you to anyone who has bought a book whether paperback or on Kindle. In fact, I love the Kindle buyers because the author gets more money. A paperback because of production costs only nets me about a dollar. It depends on how much art work and how many pages it has what the cost is. But Kindles give the author 70% of the price which means if you sell a lot you can lower the price.

Anyway when you buy a book you are buying food, paying my rent, getting me a prescription or a little gas, or 2 weeks ride on the bus and for that I thank you immensely! You have no idea how that $20 when it comes has helped over the last year.