Archive | September 19, 2012

Wings and the Fae

It’s time of year for the woowoo shit to start and it seems to have with a vengeance. One of the signs the Fae wants your attention is that spider webs with feel like they have touched your face where no spider web has any way of existing. Check! I work at a building that sits on a few acres of semi flat land with no bushes and trees that are pretty spread out. They landscaped it with mounds and while walking from the bus I got one smack in the face. I’m not afraid of spiders but I have an aversion to their webs hitting my face. So something wants my attention.

Then 3 days ago a muscle under my left scapular starts twitching and twitching bad enough that people can see it and weird them out. I’ve been told it looks like a wing trying to break free which sends me thinking of the wing ceremony we used to do in Haedery but I’ve been bad and haven’t done it in awhile and have forgotten the tune. So I wrote a friend who sent me the words and I can sort of remember the tune but I think a phone call is in order. I can sing part of the verse that I remember, it stops for awhile.

This is not helped that I sit in a cubicle whose opening is to my left so people can see my shoulder go into its dance on the way to go to the kitchen. I’m entertaining the populace and can’t very well explain to the mundanes it really is one of my wings.

The wing ceremony is quite amazing to do and if done in the group is truly beautiful. You really do see people’s wings and they are all different and they are all distinct. Mine tend to be barred and owl-like and rather large. This is a ceremony best done in a large room because it gets really crowded. In a group of serious magic practitioners it gets crowded fast!.

So my next question if I can get my wings to settle down, is why now and what does it mean? Other than I’m inordinately excited about seeing the shuttle fly over Los Angeles Friday.

I did get a chance to finally apply for the job I’m doing now permanently. It may be time to start a more permanent life finally after temping so long. I’d love to have that happen. I’d love to have health insurance again after 4 ½ years.

It’s a good thing my wings are high and above where the desk chair hits or this could get uncomfortable. Especially since our databases are failing this morning and the system is down so people are walking around chatting. I can’t very well tell someone, “Please move, your bumping my wings.”

Anyway, something is up and I’m wondering what I need wings for.