Archive | September 17, 2012

Growing older has some perks

The majority of people who seem to read my blog are younger than I am. And I’m enjoying the all the esbat posting people do but let me let you in on a little secret. Esbats are for the non-menopausal witch. Once you get past or into menopause the need to follow the moon goes away.

I remember being fixated at one point about having my period during new moon and for a long time I achieved that goal but once I got spayed the tides and times of the moon stopped having the ability to wreck havoc. Once you have passed the gateway to menopause the mood swings inherent in the menstrual cycle don’t happen. When you first go into menopause yes, they raise their last holy hell with you and then you become more even. Doesn’t mean it’s a good even necessarily but you won’t swing so widely.

Menopause makes it easier to reach your power. It doesn’t fluctuate depending on new moon or full moon. It’s there and accessible and if you get really fired up it can flare like a nova. That never happened when I was having cycles. There is a reason old women are portrayed as witches. Don’t piss us off!

Going through to menopause is a lot like puberty without the middle school drama. You get acne again. You grow hair but now it’s in weird ass places and you have to keep track of it or you’ll go to a job interview with silver wires sticking out of your chin. You get old lady crepey skin which will annoy the crap out of you. Who told your arms to start looking like they belong to your grandma, but it’s worth it the times you go to grab your power in a spell and damn! It’s there!

Spells no longer have to be cast according to strict moon time tables ‘cause SHAZAM! It’s never turned off. I have to say It’s been 14 years and I have never missed Aunt Flo from the Red River Valley, not once.

Asking for a magical name

There are too many witches with weirdass names like Spicewing Faerieweaver or Sunshines Outmybutt and I can only conclude their names were chosen out of the Hippie Babybook and not meditated over long and hard.

I know when I was choosing mine back in the Dark Ages I did a lot of meditating and it wasn’t until the night before my initiation I got a slap up the side of the head from the Goddess. Her message you already have a perfectly good magical name and you’ve had it all along so shut up. My magical name is actually a translation of the name I was given in Camp Fire Girls back even further in the Dark Ages which was KaTao Kani and it’s why I go by Kat. When I went to work for the Girl Scouts you went by a Camp name so I chose to go by KaTao because I was feeling like I had infiltrated the enemy camp my first year in the Girl Scouts back at Osito since I had been a Camp Fire Girl through Seniors.

Our coven name came from the mountain canyons behind the covenstead and the fact that the entire coven was encountering different raptors all the time in the weeks leading up to the initiation of the coven so we became Coven of the Mother Mountain Aerie since the name for our mountains is the Sierra Madre mountains.

Make your magical name mean something that is important to you and I strongly suggest you keep it within your coven. The people that know my name know it and the rest do not and it’s not the name I use for my blog. That’s what the Temple of Isis calls me because we have two Cat/Kats and I’m the one with the pointed ears.

I don’t recommend taking a god/goddess name either. Number 1, is that we don’t know all the aspects of a lot of reclaimed deities and there may be some things that you won’t like but will find out the hard way. Number 2, is that you set yourself up to fall. One of my first students found that after she took the name Hestia and found herself housebound for a year. My first teaching partner took Lakshmi and ended gaining a lot of weight. I’ve known members of Clan Oblivious who don’t think taking the name Kali through and their life goes to hell in a handbasket. To take the name Kali you have to be aware of all her aspects and be willing to accept them and be an exceptionally strong person. I only know one person who has successfully lived with that name and many, many who have not.

What I do recommend for magical names are aspects of nature at least until you are fully aware of the consequences of naming. This goes for familiars too. The cat at our covenstead was named Hubble and he was always slightly out of focus when he was young and managed to get himself a heart condition after the Northridge earthquake.

Names are important. Be thoughtful and not a dimwit about it. Take your time. You don’t need one the first second you decide you’re a witch. Make it reflect who you are inside. And let it be something your god or goddess can take seriously and not have a fit of giggles the first time you pray.