The personal is political and economical

I’ve been following the saga of Rep Akin and the Republican Party platform and I was reading the Lovely Aubs Tea’s blog this morning about people who bring up the issue that Abortion rights and choice are a distraction from the “more important issue” of the economy and I have this to say all women’s reproductive and health issues are economic issues.

Look at the men and it’s almost always a Pre or beginning Baby Boomer white male whose mom stayed home.These men still live in the fantasy world where white women did not work and stayed home with their babies. It doesn’t matter to them that minority women have always had to work outside of the home. They are under the mistaken apprehension that if white women can’t work because they are at home with the baby they couldn’t get rid of there will be more jobs for white men. THEIR PEER GROUP and quite frankly the only ones they care about.

The only acceptable job for a white woman, as far as they are concerned are jobs such as teachers and nurses because they aren’t real jobs. Mind you, I obviously do not believe that to be true, especially since my dad was an elementary school teacher. These are men who want the world to be as they used to believe it was. Everyone went to church, there no uncomfortable things like uppity women and minorities or gay people.

They seem to think we will go back to marrying them and being good Christian girls. Uh, No!

They have fixated on women’s health issues as a way to control women. What I can’t figure out is why their daughters and wives and mothers aren’t boxing their ears. I also don’t think they have thought their fantasy world through because in their fantasy world they haven’t included women who don’t sleep with men unless that is behind the “Not in cases of rape” debate. If that is to include lesbians then the largest group of women in the workforce will be menopausal women.

I doubt they have seriously considered what a workforce of seriously menopausal women would be like. It would not be pretty. Menopausal women have reached an age where they don’t take crap from anyone. Women live longer than men even if they take up men’s bad habits. They will be working in very cold offices because we have hot flashes. We will be looking over our glasses at them like the misbehaving children they are. We will tell them exactly where to go and how to get there.

They also haven’t seriously considered what happens when you have lots of unwanted children that their mothers cannot support financially. Are they going to start up orphanages again. Poorhouses? They may have to since they want to get rid of all entitlement programs. You still have to have money to run the poorhouse. Entitlements that we pay into every paycheck when we have one. They only entitlement I can see is that they feel entitled to steal it.

I’m really offended by the assumption of stupidity on their part and I’m offended by the stupidity of the people who vote for them and believe everything that Fox News says with no critical thinking on their part at all. How many times does the State of Hawaii have to say Obama was born there?

Make no mistake, I’ll say that again, Make no mistake, abortion is an economic issue. They think a woman encumbered by a baby is less likely to fight. They seem to have forgotten about mother bears and how they protect their young. There are a lot of human mother bears and they need to stand up for their daughters and future daughters.

And for the pagans that think it doesn’t affect them. It does because it has a theocratic impulse behind it and that impulse is being pandered to with every breath they take.

3 thoughts on “The personal is political and economical

  1. Preach on! Rich white men have ruled this country for far too long and look where it’s gotten us. One of the aspects I celebrate about paganism is that it brings the feminine back to the forefront where it needs to be. I am a male and yet a feminist. I celebrate both the male and feminist aspects of the Universe and know that one cannot survive without the other. Without my mother, my witch aunt, or my Goddess, I would have amounted to nothing. This political stance conservatives have taken to subjugate women cannot stand.


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