Blessed Lughnassad everyone! And for those who want to pronounce it correctly it is Loo-nah-sah, emphasis on the first syllable. Always remember that unless it’s a borrowed word from another language, Gaelic always accents the first syllable. And besides it’s a god’s name, Lugh, the long armed, or Lugh Lamhfhada. OBTW the ‘h’ after the m is makes it a ‘w’ sound and the ‘h’ after the ‘f’ makes the ‘f’ silent.

And that is your Gaelic lesson for the morning. I posted Aisling’s adventure with Lugh on the Littlest Druid page as well as a BunniHoTep story about BunniHoTep and Aphrodite.

I love Lammas/Lughnassad. It’s one of my favourite holidays and being the synesthete I am, it is embedded in my brain in colours of persimmon and red. My coven always has a small barbeque and meal together for the celebration. Sometimes we’ve met at the Farmer’s Market to buy the ingredients for the meal and sometimes we’ve also kneaded and braided a loaf of bread to eat during ritual. We eat surrounded by sunflowers and other flowers gleaned at the Farmer’s Market and we give thanks for another year as friends.

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  1. I appreciate the lesson! I’m getting some of the sounds but am still uncertain of others. This has reassured me that I’ve understood some of what I’ve learned!


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