Visions of Isis

I’m still processing what happened in our beach ritual. I’m not someone who sees deities in daylight when I’m not asleep. That’s probably when I let my guard down and things, beings, deities, can get through and even then I can count the times it’s happened on one hand. So having a goddess show up in a fairly public setting, ie; a public beach in the early morning was surprising. To have it be a goddess who has as far as I know never shown any interest in me was really surprising. I’ve been a member of the Iseum of Isis Pelagia and going to our rituals since 1998 or ‘99? Somewhere in there and nary a peep.

Other people have had dreams of Isis and have come to me and I’ve introduced them to the Fellowship of Isis and whatever Iseum I thought would suit them. But in all those years, no Egyptian deity other than BunniHoTep has ever even invaded my dreams not even Bast. Although I suspect Bast has whispered in my ear at times. So for Isis to show up was a surprise and to show not as anyone has ever described her made it more real somehow.

I’ve never heard Isis described as amber –eyed. I even did a web search and not one reference to Isis as having eyes of amber colour. A lot of references to dating profiles of women who call themselves amber eyed goddesses but no Isis.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that while J was surrounding me with Isis’ wings she should show up but we’ve done it before and it hasn’t happened and as far as I know it didn’t happen to anyone else.

All I know is that Isis was standing before me looking at me out of amber eyes that were filled with love and I felt like I had been blessed. Don’t know what I did to deserve it or what it means for the future, all I know is that it happened. And that it was an amazing feeling even if it was momentary.

And now I know what how that gauzy dress thing actually looks on someone not painted on a wall in a tomb.

3 thoughts on “Visions of Isis

  1. I remember the first time Artemis appeared to me. I woke up in the middle of the night and She was standing at the foot of my bed. I knew exactly who She was, even though there were no references anywhere to Her looking like She did for me that night. Like you, that somehow made it “more real” for me, because if She had looked like I expected Her to look, then I could say that the image was just a construct out of my subconscious. However if She (either Artemis or Isis) comes in an unexpected way, then the experience MUST be real, because we (you or I) could not have made it up.

    The same goes for Bunnihotep. You said once, a long time ago, something to the affect that She was a “made up” goddess, but She was real to you. I think I told you that She was not “made up.” She was real, but no one knew about her yet except for you. (You had already figured that out, because you had written about it, but I think that particular day you will feeling insecure).

    Blessed are you. You have seen the Goddess.


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