Archive | July 27, 2012

I fall down go BOOM!

I was bringing in the groceries last night and our building owner refuses to pave the walkway and we have loose pavers instead of cement. I hit the edge of a paver and fell like a ton of bricks on what was my good knee and other body parts that are now being heard from. Ibuprofen is a wonderful thing.

Anyway, I didn’t sleep very well last night. And the cat felt the need to comment every time I attempted to turn over. Just what you want at night, a kibbutzing cat. Then she’d purr at me to go back to sleep.

I wanted to go over to the Pacific Asia Museum tomorrow and take some pictures and just enjoy whatever they have on display at the moment but I don’t think that is going to happen. At least I didn’t face plant like the last time I fell on the walkway.

I’m feeling like a stupid whiney baby, and my sister has lectured me that I should have taken two trips from the car and not tried to carry everything at once. I didn’t think it was that heavy and I did have the gallon of milk and the kitty litter in opposite arms with the 2 other bags. I was lucky that the milk didn’t explode. It looks like someone played rugby with it.

I can’t figure out why my toes hurt though I was wearing shoes. Not a happy camper at the moment and feeling rather stupid…and sore… and the ibuprofen has worn out after 3 ½ hours. Time to look for the Toradol or other pain killer I may have tucked away. Better living through chemistry.

O is for Olympians A Pagan Blog Post

I grew up surrounded by Oympians, some that would be future Olympians and some that were past. There were 7 Olympians alone from Glendale the year I graduated high school in 1972. Some that were in my high school class and not very nice people.

But I want to talk about one that I have admired since I was a little kid. He was one of our youth ministers and even though I’m not a Christian any longer which would probably grieve him terribly if he knew. He is a genuinely amazing person and one of the nicest most caring people I have ever met. And he wasn’t when he was younger according to him.

He was an Olympian in 1936 and ran the 5000m and came in 8th but because he had such a fast finish Hitler insisted on meeting him. He repaid that by causing an international incident and stealing Hitler’s flag off his flag pole and was caught. At the time, it was publicized as a protest action by the media. He told us, he and his friends had had a few German beers and decided they wanted a souvenir and that line of flag poles was just sitting there, they wouldn’t miss one and he had never intended to make an anti-Hitler statement. He said he could never make them believe it.

He was in WWII and was shot down and a POW and to make it worse and unreported POW in a special camp for those not reported So he was reported dead. and when the Japanese found out he was an Olympian they broke his legs and made him run. He said he never hated anyone in his life like he hated those men.

When he was freed after the war he had PTSD and he told us he lived his life full of rage and hate for what had happened. His wife kept sending him to Billy Graham meetings until he finally heard enough about forgiveness to figure out he needed it. In 1950 he went back and talked to the men who had tortured him and forgave him which he said just mystified his old captors. But he did it for himself not them and he became a better person and the person I knew growing up.

He and the other youth minister Fergie used to take us to Santa Monica beach and he was the first person I ever heard talk about skin cancer. He used to yell at me and my very fair friends to stop using baby oil or if we did to just jump in a frying pan and get it over with. We kind of thought he was crazy at the time, this prematurely white haired man with the thickest white chest hair I have ever seen. Why was he worried about our skin? Mind you we were in 7th grade and of course knew everything there was to know. He really did know. He had been in a life raft for 47 days before the Japanese caught he and his friend.

He is one of those rare truly shiny people you meet very few of in a lifetime.

He is 95 years old now and one of nicest, kindest human beings I have ever met. He made a big impression on me when I was a kid. If all Christians behaved like him there would be a lot less hate in the world and a lot more love. So Louis Zamperini, I salute you. Citius, Altius Fortius. You are my favourite Olympian and one of my favourite humans.