Sleep entertainment

My brain has taken recreational dreaming to a new level, I now episodic dream. For the last 4 nights I have been a Dr Who companion but the person playing Dr Who is David McCallum. And it’s not a recurring dream, it’s continuing.

It’s weird but I’m really enjoying it when my brain isn’t going, “David McCallum is really Dr Who? Isn’t he a little old for this?” and I’m waking up tired and sore and wondering what the hell I’ve really been doing in my sleep because somehow I took the bottom fitted sheet off the bed and last night I took the pillowcase out of the sham cover. I have to sleep with a pillow between my knees since my knee surgery and I keep a sham on it because those are harder to remove. So how did I do that?

This all makes me wonder if I’ve started sleep walking again but there was a small earthquake the night before last and I did wake up in bed when I happened. (It was just a baby earthquake. Nothing to get excited or out of bed for. The cat didn’t even dive under the bed.) So what AM I doing?

2 thoughts on “Sleep entertainment

  1. What you have been doing seems obvious to me, you’ve been seeing places, saving people, and running, an awful lot of running.

    But in all seriousness it sounds like a cool recurring dream.



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