Archive | July 26, 2012

Sleep entertainment

My brain has taken recreational dreaming to a new level, I now episodic dream. For the last 4 nights I have been a Dr Who companion but the person playing Dr Who is David McCallum. And it’s not a recurring dream, it’s continuing.

It’s weird but I’m really enjoying it when my brain isn’t going, “David McCallum is really Dr Who? Isn’t he a little old for this?” and I’m waking up tired and sore and wondering what the hell I’ve really been doing in my sleep because somehow I took the bottom fitted sheet off the bed and last night I took the pillowcase out of the sham cover. I have to sleep with a pillow between my knees since my knee surgery and I keep a sham on it because those are harder to remove. So how did I do that?

This all makes me wonder if I’ve started sleep walking again but there was a small earthquake the night before last and I did wake up in bed when I happened. (It was just a baby earthquake. Nothing to get excited or out of bed for. The cat didn’t even dive under the bed.) So what AM I doing?