This is what I wanted to write on today before I got side-tracked – Bubble magic – edited

I’m going to get accused of being a fluffy bunny for this but oh well. I like using bubbles in ritual. I think it speaks to the part of us that makes magic. And that is that over-used word, the inner child, but it is the child side of us that makes magic, that believes in magic and can do magic.

It isn’t the over analytical skeptic that makes magic work it’s the part that believes they can change the world.

And so I use bubbles. Bubbles are cheap. You can get them at the dollar store. You can buy huge jugs of them to go around. If I plan a ritual that doesn’t have bubbles I hear about it.

They are about the easiest sympathetic piece of magic for a newbie to understand. I make a wish while blowing a bubble and it floats away from me and *Pop* the magic is away. It’s why when I was asked to do a ritual with a bunch of main stream Christian clergy to show what pagains/wiccans did in ritual I brought out the bubbles.

I was on call clergy for my local AIDS service center and when we went on retreat I was the odd person out so I was quite delighted to be asked to do a ritual.

Explaining how magic works with a bunch of people who were extremely hesitant at first was easier after I brought out the bubbles and since it was after the circle was cast they did take me seriously. Some of them were flat out scared before we started and it showed.

I asked them to think of their highest good and wish for it and then blow the biggest bubble they could and they did it whole heartedly. I still treasure the sight of a Catholic priest in his collar with his face scrunched up like a five year old in total concentration on that bubble. Or some of the guys who were also clients forgetting for a moment how hard life was to simply blow a bubble and let it go. A lot of them came to me afterwards and talked about how scared they had been before I started and how surprised they were about feeling good afterwards and that it had been healing for them. Isn’t that what circle is about? To be out of this world and into another where we are free?

BunniHoTep rituals always have bubbles but I’ve also done it in big public rituals and been rewarded with the sight of pagan elders acting like small kids with wonder and delight. That is the place we make a better world and that is the place we often take ourselves to seriously to arrive at because true magic is in the world of magic and wonder and sometimes we forget that. I’ve done it at funerals to remember the dead.

A bubble is a lot like our Circle. It’s an ephemeral creation of spherical space full of energy that exists for a time and when we let it go the energy is gone. There to pull up for the next Circle.

So tonight for new moon, take yourself out into the hot night, out into the back yard or out your window and see what you want to create new in your life. Visualize your highest self’s good. And if you don’t want to wish for yourself wish for healing some of the world’s hurts. There are certainly enough people hurting in immense ways right now. Put some energy into lifting a little of their burden, even if it’s only for a breath. Lighten the load a little.

If you do have needs for yourself go ahead and do it. The bottle is full of bubbles waiting to float away. What do you want to start that you haven’t had the courage to ask for. No one else needs to know what that dream is. Picture it as clearly as you can. Maybe you don’t even know? Ask Iris, goddess of iridescent rainbows to let you dream your best self and blow a bubble. Blow the biggest bubble you can. Blow it as slow as you can and let it float away. And no pressure if you can’t blow the biggest or you don’t have enough breath, swing your arm instead and make an arc of rainbow bubbles. Let them go… Let them take your dreams… and then think of one small step you can do it make that dream come true. Remember the night rainbow.

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  1. 🙂 We all have an inner child and I think we need to remember to honour them as well! Bubbles, glitter, silliness.. its all good and part of the mirth. 🙂


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