Target could endanger your life

Did you know Target is now endangering your health? If you have prescriptions at Target that you need for life threatening conditions like oh say, Diabetes? Target is now only stocking small amounts of any medication to “cut costs”? Sooo if you call in your prescription and want it filled that day. Good luck because you are going to drive to the pharmacy and not be able to pick it up because they have to order it. SO they are lying on the phone message that says come in and it pick it up.

I have now had this happen four times for a medication that is on their common prescription list. If it is a common prescription and a generic they should be stocking it, NO EXCEPTIONS!

I was told yesterday it would be in today. Glad I called since I was told it won’t be in until Monday but they will call a neighboring city and see if they can fill it. Great! But I wasted $2 worth of gas yesterday for a trip I didn’t need to make that their phone message said would be filled after 5. I was also told the phone message system hasn’t worked for months, something I already knew but when you call in there isn’t any indication that it doesn’t work.

Target is being penny wise and pound foolish and I’m about to move my prescriptions to Wahlgreens for a gift card and not Target’s cheesy, cheap 5% on a visit shopping spree award.

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