WTF? Why are pagans quoting the Bible?

Lately there have been a lot of blog posting about “Your body is your temple.” What the hell is with quoting I Corinthians 6:19?? And for the record, it’s not only offensive to people who are overweight but it’s extremely offensive to people with disabilities. If my body is a temple it started out with a window someone threw a rock through since I was born blind in one eye. Does that make any sense?

If my body is a temple than one end had collapsed since my knee has been rebuilt after I blew it out doing an hour of ballet a day and weight lifting. I was in a wheelchair and on crutches for a year and a half. Some Temple!

My Temple is missing a lot of rooms since my appendix was removed and since I had to get spayed due to an emergency. I would have died if I hadn’t. NO, MY BODY IS NOT A TEMPLE.

Yes, I’m overweight and in a lot of ways I’m healthier now that when as during my childhood I was very underweight. I had chronic bronchitis that since I have gained weight I have not had a single bad bout of. I rarely get colds. I always had a colds when I was underweight and the right weight. I rarely get them now. I have bad arthritis now because I was a gymnast and runner and back packer and because of injuries from those activities I gained weight but it’s also because of the gene pool I swam in.

I just posted a picture of my family. It was taken in the early 1930’s by the age of my mother in the photo. None of these people are small. None of them! If you are going to quote the Bible, that book also states you get threescore and ten years if you are lucky. Both of my great- grandmothers are in this photo. One is holding the baby and the other is on the far right. Not tiny ladies at all and they lived to be in their 90’s, the oldest was 97, the one on the far right of the photo. For the record, that is fourscore and ten plus seven. Every person that is a blood relation in this photo made at least three score and ten, the one who died in his 70’s was the little boy who died of lung cancer from smoking like a chimney and exposure to asbestos in WWII. The rest died in their 80’s, even my mom who had high blood pressure and at one point weighed 350lbs was 86 when she died.

So what is this really about? I think the fat phobes have finally gotten some press and are running with it. Quite frankly, I think all those stinky smokers at pagan gatherings are a bigger problem. I think we need to worry more about pagans who are perverts and yes, there are some. I know of some alleged pagan elders who will hit on anything they perceive to be female and are seriously in need of gaydar repair. That worries me more than fat. I had a quite famous pagan elder tell me that he did not like lesbians. (My coven is mostly lesbian and we were presenting at a gathering he was presenting in) Why didn’t he like lesbians? Because the “damn dykes” weren’t available to him. That worries me more than fat. Or how about the pagan elder that beat his wife before she left him and still has a prominent place in the community. That worries me more than fat. Or the pagan group in our area led by a pagan elder who doesn’t think Dianics should be allowed because women can’t do “real magic” without a man? That worries me more than fat. Those are all issues that affect the entire community. Fat does not and is an individual issue for the person and their doctor.

Weight can also be helpful in a weird way. I’ve noticed most High Priestesses gain weight. Even ones that are perpetually on a diet and exercising are often overweight. And I think it has to do with the ability or need to ground energy especially in circles where there are participants that refuse to ground their energy and it falls to the HP to have to do it. If you are heavy it’s a lot easier to ground than when you don’t weigh much.

I’m not saying I shouldn’t lose weight because I have, I’ve lost 50 lbs but it has more to do with the fact that I’ve been unemployed than a conscious thought that I need to lose weight. If you can’t buy food because you are paying the rent you tend to lose weight.

And on the spiritual side the Celts believed in equal triplicities and the one for that involves the body is body, mind and spirit. Yes, we should have a healthy body and a healthy body is not necessarily a skinny body. Nowhere is there anything about the body being a temple. The Celts also believed they were spiritual beings having physical experience and not, as Christians believe, a physical body that has spiritual experiences.

I also believe in reincarnation of the spirit, SPIRIT not reincarnation of the body. I’ve been here before and I will be here again, who knows if I’ll choose a gene pool of skinny bodies next time or not.

My courtesy cousin became an anorexic before they knew what anorexia nervosa was, when we were kids in the 70’s. She ended up in the hospital for months and at one point weighted 63 lbs. All because this athlete and top swimmer’s father made an offhand remark about pigs one day. I weighted just under a hundred lbs at the time. And since I started Junior Hi at 56 lbs in 7th grade and probably wasn’t that much better. She scared me to death because she looked so skeletal. Our moms took us out to lunch right after she got out of the hospital and she had one spoonful of soup and was full. I never want to see that again on anyone. If we start focusing on fat then what are we telling those middle school girls about their size?

And I notice a lot of the people saying this are men and they are saying it about the women in the community. I worry about that more than I worry about fat.

4 thoughts on “WTF? Why are pagans quoting the Bible?

  1. I have never really understood the whole “temple” thing.
    My body is a body, not a building. It houses a spirit, not a congregation/flock/etc.

    I do, however, enjoy quoting the bible. If only to see the looks on the faces of over-zealous Christians who think they know better everyone else.


  2. My body IS my temple. A temple is more than just a building. My body is the place where I worship, the object that I worship with, and the interface between my spirit and the world around me. I live, love, laugh, dance, sing, worship, pray, cry, eat, clean, sleep, run, swim from my temple. Because my body is my temple in my ecstatic experience of life, how I choose to decorate it, whom I choose to let worship at its altar, and what energy I choose to send out of it is MINE.

    I could care less that the phrase is found in the Bible (though I think there is a big difference between seeing my body as MY temple and THE body as A temple of THE HOLY SPIRIT). I’m not offended by the fact that there is lots of good shit in the Bible (Ecclesiastes 3, Song of Song)…any more than I am offended by the fact that there is lots of effed up shit in mythology (the Rape of Justabouteveryone by Zeus).


    • Just to clarify to some of the other issues brought up:

      A temple is not synonymous with a church–its a dwelling place of that which is sacred…my sacredness dwells within and as my body. Sacred doesn’t mean perfect. Nothing is perfect–not Nature, not the gods, certainly not us. My body being my temple has nothing to do with perfection, and it definitely has nothing to do with how other people think (or don’t think) I should care for it, or what image it should project. I certainly don’t think that my body being my temple has anything to do with my weight…and actually, I would consider being chronically unhappy with my weight to be more disrespectful to the temple of my body than the actual weight.


  3. Hm, I can see your points. I use the phrase because it reminds me to take care of the divine spark that I house. It reminds me to make sure I am gentle on myself when I am beating my brain up over something ridiculous. It reminds me that when I am tired I should take care of myself. To me it is just a phrase that says “Hey, stop pushing and let yourself relax and be happy. Remember you have a goddess inside.”



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