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Wildlife at Singing Pines

Wildlife at Singing Pines Part 1

Of all the camps I worked at Singing Pines had the biggest variety of wildlife. According to the camp legend it was because an old Indian woman protected camp. A lot of us believed in her with all our hearts. I have good reason to believe, she touched my cheek once. Scared me into screaming and I had to apologize.

That camp has never burned because of her protection the heart of camp is always safe and there is always wildlife harboured there safely. We had a three legged fox and we had bears. We had giant raccoons that weighed around 45 pounds. We had grey squirrels and ground squirrels and field mice. We had a mountain lion that passed through we had Audubon cottontails and we had rattlesnakes and gopher snakes and we had aquatic garter snakes in the lake. We had bats and we had several kinds of lizards. And we had birds, lots and lots of birds.

I was Arts & Crafts Director there for 4 years and for a couple of years I added the title Nature Director too. I had the Long House and the Nature Nook to work out of but I spent most of my time in the Long House above the Lake. I had a refrigerator that ran on propane that only worked the first year I was there after that it was a convenient place to store food away from critters so I didn’t always have to go all the way up to the Dining Hall. It was a long walk up that hill some days.

I had a lot of time along out there because there were so many other things to do in camp like horse back riding, canoeing and swimming that seemed to come before A&C unless I was making candles and tie-dye. I had no electricity and a limited budget so there were things I couldn’t do that I had done at other camps like enameling. I did have a propane stove for melting wax and heating dye. So we did a lot of that. And one year I added screening for a select few and the staff.

Some days I felt like Snow White in her cottage because the birds went freely in and out of my huge doors. Several times I looked down and a Scarlet Tanager would be hopping in to look up at me in my director’s chair with a cocked head. He always looked like he had a lot of questions he wanted to ask. The Stellar’s Jays were the biggest thieves and loved to steal things especially if some unit had a cook out there on my concrete porch/pad. I once saw one steal a whole cube of butter of the table.

The first thing I was ever warned about was to never build a fire during the day in my fireplace because the baby bats in the chimney might fall into the fire and the mama bats would dive down to get them.

I forgot this one cold day in my third year and luckily the baby did not fall into the fire but mama did come down to get it and put the baby on her chest. She flew up and hung on the wall looking at me very upset and I hurriedly put out the fire. Baby bats and their mamas are really cute. Mama is at the most about 4 inches long so the babies are really tiny. Anything that can eat 1000 mosquitoes in an hour I like a lot.

One night at twilight I had left something in the LH and had to go get it and the bats were just coming out for a night of eating and one poor bats smacked me in the forehead. I guess I was moving too quickly in the door for his sonar to track me. He looked as confused as I did and for the record, he did not get caught in my hair. He just bounced off my head.

One night the CIT’s were camping out in the outpost for a skill session and I had gone out there for dinner and went to get my guitar for a sing along. In the fifteen minutes I was gone a mountain lion had gone up the road and I had just missed it. I know there were no tracks when I went to the LH and when I came back there were huge cat paw prints. Much as I love kitties that was one I could do without coming face to face with. I told the CIT Directors so they could keep the kids from going to the bathroom until campfire was over because I wanted to keep everyone in the unit until some time had passed. I don’t think we ever told the CITs. Those paw prints were as big as a large size paper plate. Really big kitty.

Witch = Spell work = Magic

Some simple theorems/definitions I work from:

You cannot be a witch and not work magic. They go together, they are inseparable. If you won’t do magic you are not a witch you are just a pagan with witchy flavour.

Magic is any way we work for change with intent and energy in the direction you want to go.

Spells are just one way to work magic. Spells are prayers usually with physical on this plane, components to remind us of what we are actually doing on the spiritual and aetherial planes. As above so below.

Divination is spell work. You are asking for clear seeing. You are using a physical component even if it is observing something in nature like a cloud.

Healing is spell work. You can work spells by just sending energy. Spells don’t have to have a physical component to be spells. The physical is the reminder because it’s sympathetic magic.

Cooking for your family is spell work. Your intent, hopefully is for a healthy and happy family and the physical component is both the food but also the sharing of it.

When you dress to go anywhere and have an intent of protection or ritual or even to do well at work, it’s a spell.

When you do craft work and are thinking about the outcome of the event or person you are making it for, it’s spell work.

When you pray, it’s spell work, even if it’s a simple wish to protect.

Anytime you manipulate energy in the physical world with the intent to change anything you are doing some kind of spell work.

AND it is also spell work when you wish someone ill, when you spread negative things about someone with the intent to harm them. When you are mean with the intent to harm even if you are angry. Negative spells blacken your soul. They may not come back times three but they do hurt you even if it’s just that much easier to be negative the next time. It’s a spell because of the negative energy created and spread.

So a witch that says she is not doing spells is either not a witch or she is lying to herself.

This is wonderful!

Pickled Hedgehog Dilemma

Yes, crocheting really is that important. In case you don’t quite understand why, I’ll start at the beginning.

Two women in LA, Margaret Wertheim and her twin sister, were concerned about climate change. If left to continue along its current trajectory, the world’s climate will heat up (even more than it has for the past decades). This climate change promises to bring a  number of disasters upon the human race and our planet.  One of the potential disasters that climate change could cause is the loss of many of the world’s coral reefs.

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