Prayers for a friend

Today is a hard day to be at work. A dear friend of mine is having a benign brain tumour removed. This makes me scared for my friend but also brings up issues I have about brain surgery. I know she is in good hands and she will be cared for well. And I know it’s good that the tumour is benign but and I’m afraid this is when my fear becomes about me and not her, because my brother died of brain cancer. Specifically what killed him was the swelling of his brain didn’t go down after a surgery and increased and caused him to seize to death before they could go in and reduce the swelling.

I want to keep myself concentrated on healing for her and not let my fear run rampant because I know too much about what can happen.

Brighid, hold her in her arms

Keep her safe and give her healing.

Kwan Yin, watch over her and keep her safe ‘

In your loving compassion.

Green Man, send her your clean healing power

Let only good growth proceed from here.

Athena, guard her brain and keep her wits sharp.

Let her thinking be clear and have no more headaches.

Hestia, keep her family around her safe

While she heals at home.

Artemis, protect her and give her your warrior spirit

Keep her fighting to get well.

Airmid, guide her healing

Give her strength.

Isis, let the Know of your sash works

Let there be deep healing magic.

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