Isis’s & Nepthys Birthday

This weekend Temple of Isis celebrates Isis and Nepthys’s birthdays on the beach. At her beach, Isadora Dockweiler Beach to be exact, right under the flight path from LAX. Hopefully attended by as many priestesses as can make it on an early Sunday morning. I hope the dolphins come. I love it when they attend.

We always celebrate it as the ancients did when the Inundation starts as Sirius (Sopdet) rises in the sky again. This year it is on July 15/16 depending where you happen to be on the planet. It’s also the Temple of Isis’ birthday also known as the Iseum of Isis Pelagia or Sisters of the Sea. The Sisters of the Sea are also called during ritual, Isis, Aphrodite, Mari, Yemaya, Nepthys and Kwan Yin. I get to call Kwan Yin. I just have to think of something to say.

Laura always writes us a wonderful ritual and some of the parts are always the same, such as: Isis, how old are you? A priestess takes a mirror around and asks each participant: Isis, How old are you? And the participant must answer. Isis is as old as the sea, as old as the first lullaby or a baby’s first laugh. Isis is a old as love and as new as the day. We all answer in what ever way she speaks to us and through us. I always think it’s kind of a mini-oracle by what people come up with. I always try to think of something new but that’s not easy with so many creative women around. Maybe in light of the story I wrote this morning, it will be as old as love.

We always build a goddess mermaid of fruits and flowers and offer her to the sea. Have to have the Arts and Crafts portion and we bring flowers to spread on the tide. This time we are going to build an UBEKHET – the White Temple of Iset and Nebhet. Something new and different and we end as we always do with the Knot of Isis song while holding our red ribbon of Isis.

We’re supposed to bring sistrums but I don’t have one because I don’t like the sound so I think I’m going to bring my silver branch with bells that I received at my ordination. It’s lost a couple of bells because the leather got old but it has enough to make a sweet sound.

This is going to be good.

Mesut Iset, Qi en Iset

Mesut Nebhet, Qi en Nebhet