12 month writing challenge – Pagan Summer Blockbuster

Magikosstudios and M. Shaffer http://magikosstudios.com/ have a 12 month writing challenge that started before I started this blog and this month’s challenge intrigued me, It’s Pagan Summer Blockbuster movie. What movie would you make if you could make a summer movie? I thought I’d give it a whirl.

First, it would be animated by Pixar because I love going to a animated movie in the summer. If it was winter It would be easy. I’d do the Lonely Little Star. I can’t do the first Littlest Druid either because that is also a Winter Solstice tale and it might be too much like Brave even though I think my druid is a lot nicer than Merida and easier to get along with even with her red hair.

I began to think this was harder than I thought. Especially when you add the fact that in Scottish folklore you aren’t supposed to do storytelling in the summer. It’s for winter only starting at Samhain/Samhuinn. So my mind started to think geas, which was partly my problem at Faire, that world kept circulating every once in awhile that I was doing something prohibited.

But then I thought BunniHoTep wouldn’t feel that way. So maybe a BunniHotep tale? So which one? BunniHoTep and the Graffiti Artist? BunniHoTep and the Donkey’s Boy? Or if I wanted to use lots of colour on Temple Row- BunniHoTep and the Three Fates?

Hmmm, The Heart Town Witch would be really colourful and fun to do. And you could give away red crystal hearts with ribbons to give away to people you love Stealth paganism at its finest.

If it was a mix of live action and animation I think doing the “Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark” would be fun because it takes place, at least in my imagination, out at the wildlife refuge that I love so much.

Hmmmm, which one of my stories would you animate?