Citibank – losers!

Citibank’s fraud bureau just called to say my card had been used at a “compromised” location and that I needed to get a new debit card. But then they refused to tell me where the compromised location was. “We’ve taken care of it”. What did they do execute it? I still want to know where it was! What if it happens again??? Another reason to finally move everything to the credit union.

2 thoughts on “Citibank – losers!

  1. That’s strange; most of the time a bank will ask if you were at x-location and if you spend x-number of dollars there before they do that.
    Unless the “compromised” location happened to be in, say, Nigeria, when they know that you are definitely not there.
    My biggest concern here, is that the call itself was a scam.
    You should call them back and verify. Hopefully, that should clear it up – at least a bit.


  2. my bank never told me where my card had been compromised. Usually its because they don’t know where it was lifted, but then someone has used my card in another location across the country.

    The problem is hackers will lift your card info somehow (atm, debit machine or something) and then wait about 6 months to use it. The hope is you won’t notice by then.

    All my bank did was freeze my card, call me to tell me it had been compromised and that i had to come in. Even when I went into the branch they wouldn’t tell me where it had been used to raise the flag, just that it had been used in a manner that wasn’t consistent with my normal card use. I later found out someone had tried to use it the same instant I was using it so it was pretty obvious it had been hacked.

    Once it hadn’t been compromised, they just thought it had been since I did something I never do and took money out of an atm. However, I’m happy they keep an eye on it that closely.


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