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Why I hope alternative therapies are never part of a healthcare insurance package

I am for single payer government run healthcare. After being in the healthcare and Worker’s Compensation arena for over 20 years I think it would solve an awful lot more problems that it causes. That being said, I do not want alternative therapies to be part of the scheme.

I have very good reasons for this. Do you seriously think that Big Pharma would not get involved and try to control anything that was herbal if they saw that as an alternative to recouping the losses they would sustain if the price of drugs was regulated as to the payment allowed? They would and I think they would go as far as to restrict people from growing anything herbal in their own yards. They have already attempted this if you have been paying attention. If the FDA decided they needed to regulate the growth of “ dangerous” plants because lay people can’t be trusted to decide something like chamomile isn’t a tested sleep remedy, do you think they wouldn’t? They would put Celestial Seasonings out of business in a heartbeat if they thought they could make it a large paying drug therapy. The seasonings aisle in the supermarket would have to be moved behind the counter.

The FDA works hand in glove with Big Pharma which is how they get away with testing only small amounts of people before releasing a drug and then finding out, whoops! It’s harmful. By then they have made enough money to pay off the lawsuits and they really don’t care. It’s how they get away with creating shortages of children’s cancer drugs like happened this year. There is no one to make them do it until the publicity is raised high enough that they have to start making the drug again. It’s how drugs proven effective in Europe but no longer in patent are allowed to be manufactured and sold here. They make up reasons it’s harmful when it isn’t because they can’t make money off of it. Look up the history of a drug called Domperidone, if you don’t believe me. It is the only drug with no side effects to take the place of Propulsid or Reglan which do have side effects. Reglan’s use can cause something called Parkinson syndrome where you get the effects of Parkinson’s caused by the drug’s use and it’s irreversible. Propulsid caused heart problems in people who already had heart problems instead of restricting it to people who did not have heart problems they took it off the market.

Do you seriously think sooner or later they wouldn’t develop reiki practioner licensing or make you prove it worked before they would pay? They don’t even like paying for acupuncture now?

So no, I don’t want to see alternative therapies ever included in any healthcare package that comes anywhere near a corporation like Big Pharma or an insurance company that pays lobbyists.

Wicca 102?

I’m thinking of writing some stuff I will call Wicca 102 or at least some topics that they don’t talk about much in Wicca 101. Usually Wicca 101 classes are about 6 weeks long and then you are set adrift on your own. This has some good parts and some bad parts. Good because at that point you have to take responsibility for your own learning. The bad part is now you know what you are interested in and have no clue where to get the information.

Does this sound interesting and doable? If so what are You interested in learning about? I’m thinking about writing on topics you would like to know about and giving homework assignments for whatever the next step is. And then followed by more info. There won’t be any right or wrong or penalty if the dragon or familiar eats your homework. You just won’t learn it. Simple as that.

Sound interesting?

Maybe the reason for my storytelling terror

I’ve been thinking about my terror of storytelling and not reading my words and wondering at least part of it doesn’t come from something that happened way back when I was still in a church choir. At one point before I left all together I was in three choirs. The giant big nationally known choir that sung on Sunday morning, a handbell choir and a small group that sung more modern things at the Sunday night contemporary service complete with small rock band called the Happening. Hey! This was the late 70’s.

It was televised to the local area as well as the morning service. (The morning services We wore long maxi dresses and had mikes instead of standing up remotely in the choir loft.

Because our choir director was well known we got to have a lot of new music before it was on the market to others. On the release of the Graham film’s premier here in Hollywood of the “Hiding Place” the story of Corrie Ten Boom’s life, we got to sit around her as she told her story and be the first to sing the theme song from the movie. She was quite amazing and a truly wonderful person. She was in her 80’s and when she met me again at the Hollywood Bowl sunrise service with Billy Graham, she remembered our names.

We got to have a lot of really great experiences like that and one spectacularly bad one. We usually memorized all our music. If you are singing with a mike in your hand you can’t be rattling papers. One famous Christian composer came to our director with a song and he okayed us singing it. There was a problem he wasn’t going to be there that night so the assistant director was in charge. We got there that night to learn this new song two hours before we had to sing it and it was a really complicated piece. We rehearsed and rehearsed but it wasn’t sinking in so we begged for us to be able to sing around a mike and hold the music. Nope, he wasn’t budging. He was convinced we would remember it. Right before we went on they announced the composer of the song was in the audience. Way to scare an already nervous bunch of singers.

We went on the stage to sing. We opened out mouths and sang the first line which was also the title and froze. Every last one of us froze. I looked at my friends. I looked at my brother. I looked at our director who was by now red in the face and getting furious. Nothing all we could do was sing the title when it came around. The director called us off and we fled. It was probably the most humiliating thing I have ever done and the biggest fear of any singer. To lose the words. It’s awful and beyond your worst embarrassment and in front of the writer of those words. Bad, beyond bad into excruciatingly painful.

Afterwards, the composer came back stage and he told us a story. That afternoon Edie Lawrence had appeared on a telethon and sang the same new song or at least, tried to. Turned out she forgot the words too. That was rather funny but it still didn’t mitigate the terror of standing in front of a full church that holds several thousand and staring into the faces in the dark and realizing you have no clue what the words you are supposed to be singing are. It’s worse than that ‘imagine the people naked’ thing because all of a sudden you are the naked one standing there in a very real spotlight and your brain is in the deep freeze. I don’t think we ever trusted ourselves again after that. The only good thing was we weren’t alone.

So I wonder if some of my performance terror is from that. In one way the worst has already happened on the other hand, (four fingers and a thumb) there is nothing that says it can’t happen again.

I know that happened almost 40 years ago and I’m a different person. I’ve been a practicing pagan for 30 years. I’m older and not a teenager anymore. I’ve gotten my college degree, I’ve been a working adult but somehow that terror is just as fresh as it was when I was 19.