Last week, we talked about the symbolism of the Knot of Isis. This time, let’s talk about actually wearing the amulet.

It’s relatively easy to find a jewelry version of the amulet and that’s certainly the easiest way to wear a symbol of the Goddess. If that’s the way you’d like to go, purify and consecrate your new piece of jewelry, then charge it by speaking the formula of the Knot of Isis over it:

You have Your blood, O Isis. You have Your power, O Isis. You have Your magic, O Isis.

It would be well to “touch up” the magical charge from time to time by repeating the Knot of Isis formula on occasion; perhaps yearly at the rising of Sothis in your area, or monthly on the full moon.

It takes a bit more doing if you’d like to actually wear the Knot of Isis…

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