Archive | May 29, 2012

Cleopatra Field Trip

We had a great day yesterday. We went to the what used to be the Museum of Science and Industry. It still says that on the McDonald’s receipt. It’s now since being redone called the California Science Center. They have the only West Coast visit of the Cleopatra exhibit and an IMAX to go with it called the Mysteries of Egypt.

It was my first IMAX and I was a little afraid since seeing 3d things just makes me sick and my sister said I would get car sick watching it and to remember my Bonine which I ended up forgetting in my other backpack. Luckily, the swoopy bits didn’t last long. You could swooping down the Nile in a helicopter view which is absolutely gorgeous and it stopped doing it just in time or I might have been using my backpack as a barf bag. Omar Sharrif is always good to listen to telling stories, especially of Egypt. It’s a National Geographic production and I always like them. I’ve been a Nat Geo fan since I was little. My dad wouldn’t let us touch his when we were little. He had them from the 1930’s when he first subscribed. When we had a report and wanted to use pictures we found the one we needed and then he drove us to the used book store to find that issue. We were NOT cutting up his magazines!

The Exhibit is fantastic. It’s all the things they have been diving for in the harbor of Alexandria. I was disappointed they hadn’t brought the statue of Black Isis that they found a few years ago but it was still pretty great. They focused it in Cleopatra VII and her palace and history because I suppose is more romantic sounding to the public. It was nice but that didn’t really matter to me. I had 4 years of Latin and Roman History and Daily Life was my competition subject and always my biggest interest. I like to see how they lived and what they used and the exhibition is very good at that. It also has a great narration in Cleopatra’s voice telling of her relationships with Caesar and Marc Antony. I’d forgotten that she and her family were in Rome when Caesar was stabbed in the Rotunda.

There are lots of statues and figurines including a sweet little one of Aphrodite and two statues of Bast. There are only 150 objects so you don’t get overwhelmed with sensory input and you go in in timed intervals so it isn’t crowded. It just opened last week and it’s here until December and the Space Shuttle opens in Fall so you might want to wait until it’s here to see both if you are here in LA but I want to go again. My next stop is to visit the Museum of Natural History next door and see the Butterfly Pavilion and see the redone Dinosaur Exhibit and visit the gem room.

Staples Easy Rebates – are not easy nor are they quick

Whatever you do, do not fall for the free $100 Visa card offer if you buy a computer from Staples. It’s been over 3 months and I still haven’t seen their quick and easy rebate. They said it would take 6 weeks which is weird because the sales person said 2-3 weeks. I went straight to the website and entered all the requested info. I waited 8 weeks to start bothering them. I wish I had printed the confirmation page.

The answer I got was – no record of your request, please resubmit. I did, it’s been almost a month and still no rebate. What a bunch of cheats and liars. Especially since what got it rejected off their system was that my first name has a space in it!!!!

Easy Rebates, my aunt fanny! Do not buy anything with a rebate from Staples. Go to Amazon or Best Buy or the Notebook Shop but do not go to Staples! I went in for a cheaper computer and allowed myself to be bamboozled by a salesman. That was my fault but not paying a promised rebate? That’s their fault. They’re a bunch of con men and liars.

The only thing I’ll buy from them now will be pens and even then I’ll bet Office Depot is cheaper.