The Book Faire for non-readers

Today is the Book Faire day at work for people who don’t read. These are always really annoying days for me because everyone at work knows I am always reading so therefore I must want to go to the Book Faire, uh no.

Those book faire have the worst selection of books. Supermarkets have better selections than the Book Faire people. It’s a mishmash of best seller hardbacks, self help trash and the kind of children’s books you find on the remainder table at B&N on a bad day with a few booklights and other random objects thrown in.

There is absolutely nothing a true reader would want because it’s all too old or generic. If you are a big fan of some author that writes best sellers you will have already read it and I don’t read best sellers. If something I’m reading is down there the world will have ended. Any best seller I read is it’s because that author suddenly got popular after I was reading them. Not the other way around which is why sometimes I freak out the Amazon recommendations. Since Amazon books opened I’ve bought over 4000 books (and I donate what I don’t keep to the local library) and it would have been a lot more but unemployment has cut into my book buying and I’ve had to rely on the library. The problem with the library is sometimes I read authors that they don’t buy. Or I decide to read an old book that they no longer have in any of the branches. And good luck finding a pagan book that you want, someone has either stolen it or taken it out so no pagan can actually read it. I’ve been told that some Christians take out the pagan books to keep people from reading things that will turn them from the Church. That’s really dumb because if you really want to read a pagan book there are always used ones on Amazon and people can always get a PO Box to mail them to or find a friend who will allow them to get delivery if they really want them.

And the free books on Kindle could make me a menace in the future. Did you know how much folklore and faery tales are free? Bloody dangerous!

About the only genre book the Book Faire carries are romance novels. Ewwww! I do not read romance novels unless it’s a mislabeled urban fantasy. I could never figure out why my dad liked to read romance novels. I understood the Zane Grey and the history and biography but not that bit of quirkyness. Give me some Science Fiction, fantasy or murder mystery if I’m reading fiction.

So I avoided the Book Faire today and read my latest cozy mystery at lunch.