A bit of Faery mischief

I keep all my necklaces on a small Manzanita branch that looks like a tree. It used to be my display tree when I sold my jewelry at Faire. I put what ever necklace that I wear during the day on it. I usually wear my BunniHoTep necklace, either out or in my shirt. This is the Swarovski crystal rabbit that I gave everyone one of when we dedicated the Iseum.

I have a sort of ritual I do every night when I put them away so that I know I do it and to thank the day. Two weeks ago I remember distinctly doing it as usual but when I got up in the morning. BunniHoTep was gone. I took all the necklaces off the tree. It wasn’t there. I looked on the floor… not there. I took apart my drawers thinking I might have knocked it off my accident or the cat might have because she sometimes jumps up there when she wants me out of bed to feed her. I cleaned the dresser top, nada . It was nowhere to be found.

So I did decided to wear other protective necklaces such as alternating two of my Kwan Yin necklaces and a few moon ones. And I asked the faeries that if they had taken it to please bring it back. It was important to me. Nothing. It was quiet for two weeks and I had almost given up. That I was crazy and maybe I hadn’t done the ritual but I remembered doing it so clearly it made me a little nuts.

So yesterday I went to put something else on and couldn’t quite decide on what when I looked at the tree. BunniHoTep was laying in front of the tree all by itself and tangled with an earcuff that is normally in a drawer! If I didn’t know I had taken everything off there and rearranged it I really would think I was around the bend. NOT FUNNY FAERIES!

I have no idea if there was a point to this or if BunniHoTep wanted a break or they wanted the top of the dresser cleaned but it’s really annoying when they do this!

3 thoughts on “A bit of Faery mischief

  1. Ah, you can tell that the Solstice has come and gone! I’m making sure all my crystals are safe and sound in their special box! Perhaps you ought to put some glitter in a little bowl, or a bit of chocolate (apparently they love that!) and they’ll go for what’s in the bowl and not your beloved jewelery! Hope that helps 🙂


    • I’ve lived with this troop all my life. There are plenty of other shinies they have access to and we had left honey and milk out a bit before. They just were sending a message. What that was I have yet to figure out.


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