Why vaccines matter.


See this baby? Look carefully at this baby’s eyes. This baby was born before the rubella vaccine was invented and her mother caught German measles because someone went into public and her mother caught German measles while she was pregnant. Because of that her doctor gave her DES to prevent miscarriage. This baby had an identical twin that didn’t make it to term. This baby was born blind in the left eye and partially sighted in the right eye. Because of the DES this baby couldn’t have had children if she had wanted to… This baby is me. So think before you don’t vaccinate your children from childhood diseases. It isn’t only them you hurt.

4 thoughts on “Why vaccines matter.

  1. But look how lucky we are to have the twin that survived, because she not only sees the world in a very unique way, but she also writes down what she sees and shares it with the rest of us. 🙂


    • I just wanted people to know what happens when they decide they don’ t need or want to vaccinate their kids. They don’t only hurt their own child they could hurt someone else’s child.


      • yes that’s very true, but that issue is an immediate responsibility of every parent once a baby was born..sadly,not every parent was properly educated about its disadvantages… 😦


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