Archive | May 19, 2012

My Swedish Great-Grandparent’s wedding picture before the emigrated here and the gov’t changed their name


This is Isaac and Hilda Amanda Augusta Wahlene Sjoberg. Sjoberg was really where they were from. A mountain by the sea. It should have been Isaacson. They landed in Duluth. She made them learn English and then moved the family to Los Angeles because she said she was not going to live someplace colder than Sweden.

Why vaccines matter.


See this baby? Look carefully at this baby’s eyes. This baby was born before the rubella vaccine was invented and her mother caught German measles because someone went into public and her mother caught German measles while she was pregnant. Because of that her doctor gave her DES to prevent miscarriage. This baby had an identical twin that didn’t make it to term. This baby was born blind in the left eye and partially sighted in the right eye. Because of the DES this baby couldn’t have had children if she had wanted to… This baby is me. So think before you don’t vaccinate your children from childhood diseases. It isn’t only them you hurt.