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How about another family cookie recipe? Spritz Bakelser

Spritz Bakelser

1 cup sugar
2 cups Butter (never ever ever use margarine in any cookie calling for butter unless you want a nasty tasting mess)
1 egg
½ cup finely chopped almonds
4 cups Soft as Silk cake flour

Chop nuts in blender or food processor. (this used to be done by hand by her indentured servants)
Cream Butter and sugar together until light and delicate
Add egg and gradually work in flour and almonds
Chill dough
Squeeze through pastry tube with small star tip on to foil lined cookie sheets
(Mom used a cookie press with the star opening, much easier and more fun)
Bake in a preheated oven 400 degrees for about 12 minutes or until tinged with pale tan
Remove carefully when set

Makes 3-5 dozen

This recipe is from my Swedish great-grandmother and was transcribed my grandmother. It began as a little of this and just enough of that.

Everything you do, Everything you experience, Everything you don’t do – teaches

People who practice Christianity often think spirituality only happens in a church building and as a culture this seeps out all over so people don’t practice what they preach, literally. If you are truly a practicing druid/pagan/wiccan or any other variety of paganism it should permeate every activity and indeed it needs to flow in both directions. Every activity you do should influence or teach you about your spiritual practice. One must start as a solitary to be able to fully join in to a group.

Every action, every breath, every act is spiritual and part of my learning. So the next part is to decide what each activity can teach me. I wrote earlier about what silver/metal smithing taught me. Things such as, being struck or forged makes you stronger but being struck too much without being heated up will make you brittle or make you break.

Glass working has taught that I need to have respect for what I’m doing and appropriate caution. You have to be careful when working with something at 1600 degrees Fahrenheit and you have to face that fear to get something beautiful out of it. The same with hydrofluoric acid, the stuff with take the calcium out of your bones and it will kill you but if you take precautions you can work with it safely.

Not having a car at the moment is teaching me patience. It’s also reminding me to be aware of my surroundings and to trust my intuition about the people around me. If someone feels “not safe” they probably aren’t safe and I need to be aware. It’s also taught me that in any group of humans in a travelling can, there will be someone with an emission control problem.

Every new temp job has taught me something about life. That whole keep silent thing was never very important to me before. I hate closets but until I can get hired permanently it’s best to zip it.

Through watching my parents through the dying process and losing my little brother, I’ve learned every day is precious and to LIVE. And by that I mean I’m not going to let my life slip away. I can listen to the birds and watch squirrels I can be awake to everything that is around me. I can take “each moment as a gift that is given to some” because not everybody is going to have that gift. “So love ‘til you love it away.”

Through being unemployed I’ve learned that I can write a book and that people will buy them. I’ve learned to accept help and say thank you. Something I think I will always have trouble with, both the asking for and the receiving of help. I learned that you can be a graceful receiver as well as a graceful giver. And I’ve learned to pay it forward.

So what did you do today that taught you something? And did you learn it gracefully or did you learn it the hard way? Did the Goddess have to hit you with her Louisville slugger or did you go gracefully? The Navajo call it “walking in beauty,” everything in balance. So are you open to the universe? Are you open to new things? Are you open to old things you didn’t learn the first time? Or is everything an AFGE? (Another fucking growth experience) Also sometimes called BOHICA. (Bend over, here it comes again)? Did it come back because you didn’t learn it the first time?

So I ask again what did you learn today?