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The Rite of Touching Your Star

Contemplate this image of the stars or remember how the night sky looked the last time you stargazed. Purify and consecrate yourself using the formulae of the House of Isis, or use any method that you usually use to prepare yourself for ritual.

Facing east, raise your arms in the Sign of the Wings of Isis.

Ritualist: Iset Sopdet, Daughter of the Stars, Queen of Souls, I have come to You that You may help me to find and to touch the light of my own Beautiful Star, my own Divine Light. Amma, Iset, let it be so.

Continuing to face east, be seated comfortably, close your eyes, and breathe deeply and slowly for several minutes. When you are ready, visualize the following:

Imagine that you stand before the great pylon gates of an ancient Egyptian temple of Isis. It is late evening…

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