Archive | May 9, 2012


Over on my children’s blog I uploaded the trailer for “Brave”. I’m so excited about this. Finally another red-haired heroine! When I was a kid there were none. Arial came up after I was grown. When I was little all the princesses and heroines were blond or black haired. I was anything but a princess, I was a tomboy and a nerd. If I wasn’t hanging from the apricot tree in the back yard I was making volcanoes, looking at things under my microscope or watching ants on my stomach. I wasn’t pretty. I was freckled and wore thick glasses. Except for when they made wear the pirate patch. Nothing in a Disney cartoon looked like me. I definitely wasn’t Cinderella or Snow White. And Pixar always has boy heroes so finally they have a girl!

So “Brave” is the cartoon I would have loved as a kid. AND she’s Scottish. As someone who was indoctrinated in all things Scottish from birth I love this. From my itty bitty first Cumming kilt that was so small that I had to have suspenders to hold it up because I had no hips (Well, I still don’t have hips, truth be told.) and had to be lifted onto benches at the Games to Highland Dancing lessons, to our going to every Highland Game around. We had family history stories and I was ever conscious someday I was to go to Balmoral and see where the family emigrated from. I could recite our clans on both sides by the time I was in school. I always thought it was funny that we have MacGregors, MacFarlanes and Wylies on both sides so I’m probably my own cousin many times over. One side of the family came over in the 1700’s and the other in the late 1800’s. My mom was a first generation US citizen and by grandmother, 1 &2nd (One parent born there and one in the old country.) generation Canadian born in Toronto. My mother’s mother came to Los Angeles when she was 11, January 1, 1901.

Anyway, I’m excited and really excited that they mostly used real Scots for the voice acting. Emma Thompson I’ll allow because I’ve had a crush on her for years. LOL! And the music in the trailer is in Gaelic! I already ordered the soundtrack from Amazon. And much as I love Capercailie they figured out there were other Gaelic singers around.

And she has blue eyes, as a blue-eyed redhead this is very cool. Everybody assumes redheads have green or brown eyes, not this one or my grandmother that I got it from. I was never a carrot top like one of my friends. Mine was more sandy. It started our strawberry blond and then darkened. Now it has faded to a sort of honey brown unless I stand in the sun for an hour. My hair never came with a colour fast guarantee and has always changed in sunlight. Now it’s headed straight to white in some places and silver in others. Sometimes I get bored and red it up and my sister hates it when it’s too red. I kind of like it. When my blond brother first grew a beard, his beard was red until the cancer treatment and genes made it go white.

So the little red-haired girl inside of me is jumping up and down with excitement and for the first time in my life I might want a princess doll. EEEKKKKKKK! Loch Sloy!