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My thoughts on doom and gloom pagans

I guess we have Jeremiahs now in the pagan community. If they want to go doom and gloom that’s fine with me but they really need to grow up. The “End Times” is a stupid and hopeless concept that does no good for anyone and because it IS hopeless. It’s a convenient excuse not to try and change things. Humans have been predicting the “End Times” since time began and it hasn’t happened yet, whether it be Revelations or Ragnarok.

Yes, the planet is in danger and it’s in danger from human activity. The solution is to stop those activities and we are headed in that direction. We have made substantial changes to the way we as Americans are doing business and we can do more but if we stop or give up we will have endangered what we love about our planet. Europe is doing better than we are but we need to persuade emerging nations that it benefits them economically to be friendly to the environment. China and Mexico need to get a handle on air pollution as an example but they won’t as long as it doesn’t benefit them economically.

Remember that good change is rarely reported because it’s not news. Doom and Gloom is news. So if you are obsessive about watching the news you see the bad things reported over and over and because of the 24 hour news cycle and inflated for lack of any other bigger Doom and Gloom to report.

My ecology professors back in the early 80’s were talking about Climate Change (what the media call Global Warming. They also predicted world-wide drought and famine at some point and that is happening. My Botany profs were talking about GMOs then too and those were just beginning then. Flash forward 30 years and they were right but they also had hope and I still do.

I’ve said this before on blog postings, THE EARTH IS NOT ENDANGERED. The Earth is self limiting and should we manage to kill all human life off the Earth would regenerate and fairly quickly in geologic time with some other forms of life better adapted. Humans are the ones that are endangered. Periodically the Earth has regenerated. Evidence: A general lack of dinosaurs with some exceptions like Komodo dragons and crocodiles and dragonflies and those exceptions with probably outlast humans. At some point the Earth started over whether from climate change then or large meteor and now we have large mammals that are better adapted to the existing climate than dinosaurs as big as semi- trucks. No mammals except maybe the blue whale are even close to the size of the largest dinosaurs.

Much to the Creationists dismay and insistence that it doesn’t,the Earth does evolve and adapt. So we moved from mosses and ferns to pine trees and ginkgos to flowering deciduous trees. We moved from mostly reptilian forms to mammalian and avian forms.

Unless we succeed in blowing up the core of the planet or our Sun becomes a red dwarf which isn’t going to happen for a few million years, we need to get a grip and especially as pagans to make the changes we want to see and we need to persuade others that what we do IS good for the planet.

Mama Earth is good at filling niches which is really what evolution is about, adapting to the circumstances you find yourself in. So that being said, can pagans adapt or are we going to give up and worship “dirt” by our self-pitying lonesomes or are we ready to embrace change before the world and stand for something bigger than ourselves that we already profess to worship? What have you done for HER lately?

I rode the bus today to work. What have you done today?

Druid Life

Pretty much everyone who criticises pagans, if they stop doing the ‘it’s just silly’ routine go onto ‘but you have no proper ethics’. This has everything to do with the assumptions that ‘proper’ religions come with a rule book, and not having a rule book obviously means that we don’t have any rules. I could get distracted here down a side track about the precise usefulness of rules that are 2000 years and more out of date. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s decking, his BMW or his mobile phone contract…. You have to do some wriggling to make those old rule books fit. There’s a basic assumption here, that the rule books of ‘proper’ religions were all dictated by God. Never mind that some of them aren’t compatible and it wouldn’t be PC to discuss that. All of them, written by God, therefore, ethically sound.

Now, whether or not…

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