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Don’t live your life waiting for heaven. You will miss your life.

Druid Life

No matter what faith or path you follow, the relationship between religion and suffering comes up sooner or later. One of the atheist arguments is that religion clearly doesn’t work, god does not intervene, cruelty and injustice continue. What many religions offer are ideas about the true source of human unhappiness, and how to deal with it. The idea that you can be saved from suffering by following the edicts of a religion doesn’t stand any scrutiny at all. What you might get are some tools that enable you to handle it better.

How a religion formulates its relationship with pain is very telling. Is it good for you, as the older book religions sometimes suggest? Or is it something we can and should avoid, as modern society seems generally keener on as an idea? Do we need pain and misery in our lives to make us rounded, spiritual people…

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