Perhaps it was coincidence or perhaps it was the hand of Isis, but twice in the past week, the idea of “being joined to one’s star” has been brought sharply to my attention. So today, let’s talk a bit of the Way of the Stars…and the way of our own personal star.

In Isis Magic, the Path of the Stars is the path of the Prophetess or Prophet of Isis. We deal with the important star Sirius (Sothis in Greek, Sopdet in Egyptian), which is the Star of Isis. The Goddess Herself may be seen in the star and sometimes the star is said to be the Goddess’ ba or soul. The prophetess or prophet honors Isis in Her singular and beautiful star, but also works with the idea of a universe filled with millions and millions of stars, the stars that are within the body of Nuet, the Sky…

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