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Perhaps it was coincidence or perhaps it was the hand of Isis, but twice in the past week, the idea of “being joined to one’s star” has been brought sharply to my attention. So today, let’s talk a bit of the Way of the Stars…and the way of our own personal star.

In Isis Magic, the Path of the Stars is the path of the Prophetess or Prophet of Isis. We deal with the important star Sirius (Sothis in Greek, Sopdet in Egyptian), which is the Star of Isis. The Goddess Herself may be seen in the star and sometimes the star is said to be the Goddess’ ba or soul. The prophetess or prophet honors Isis in Her singular and beautiful star, but also works with the idea of a universe filled with millions and millions of stars, the stars that are within the body of Nuet, the Sky…

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I is for Isis in the Fellowship of Isis – a Pagan Blog Post

I’ve been a member of the Fellowship of Isis since 1999 shortly after I started taking a class from a woman who had been a member for many years. It was a class in Scottish Haedery. (pronounced hedgery) taught by a woman who was also taught Scottish traditional magic by her grandmother and it was lovely to find someone with the same background. I’d always felt quite alone in the pagan world even in my coven because of the way the wider pagan world treats people who are trained by family. We just aren’t considered real or as valid or that we are making it up so most of us don’t mention it because we get ridiculed or just told we don’t exist. That gets really old after awhile. So it was lovely to find someone with the same kind of kick butt granny that taught a lot of the same traditions as I learned at my grandmother’s house.

This brought me into a world I hadn’t known existed, most of us became flamekeepers in Ord Brighideach and we also joined the local Temple of Isis/Los Angeles and became part of that wonderful family. Now some of us have also become a Grove in the Druid Clan of Dana which is part of the Fellowship of Isis.

What is the Fellowship of Isis? Http:// The Fellowship of Isis is an international organization founded in 1976 by Olivia Robertson and her brother, Lawrence Durdin-Robertson and his wife Pamela at Huntington/Clonegal Castle in Clonegal, Ireland. It is a multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-racial Fellowship dedicated to Isis also called she of 10,000 names.

The Fellowship is open to anyone who agrees with the Manifesto and membership is free. The Fellowship has many parts, most people become members through joining an Iseum in their local area. “Iseums are the very Hearths of the Goddess or Goddess and God to Whom they are dedicated.” It also has Lyceums for learning. You can also become a member of a Grove through the Druid Clan of Dana or part of a Tara Priory which is part of the Noble Order of Tara.

The Guardians of the Fellowship of Isis are the Archpriesthood Union of the FOI Priesthood, the Archdruid Union of the Druid Clan of Dana, and the Grand Commander Union of the Noble Order of Tara. “All members of FOI are equal and are not subject to anyone. All work with the Goddess – or Goddess and God of their own Faith. Every Being – human, animal, bird, tree –element – is an eternal offspring of the Divine Family of the Mother Goddess. “

There are Iseums and Lyceums all over the world and every year on Columbus day weekend some people get together at Isis Oasis in Geyserville California and Lady Olivia travels from Ireland to visit. Lady Olivia is one of those people you don’t meet often in a lifetime. She is now 95 and can’t visit as many temples and Iseums every year. We used to be so privileged but alas not in the last few years and we miss her.

You can study with your local group in whatever curriculum they set or you can progress along the degrees in the degree system/spiral – The Spiral of the Adept. You can view many of the rituals online at the website. There are Magi degrees, Alchemical Degrees, and some alternate degrees.

I’m proud to say I’m ordained as a Priestess in the Fellowship of Isis to Hecate, Brighid, Kwan Yin and the Green Man. I the Priestess of the Iseum of BunniHoTep. I’m a part of the Circle of Pelagia. Http:// chartered by Lady Olivia that is level with the Star of Isis, the Circle of Isis, The Circle of Brigid, the Star of Elen under our Priestess Hierophant Laura Janesdaughter. I’ve also progressed to Druid level in the Hazelwood Grove.

I’m so glad I decided to take that class so many years ago and met all these dear women. They have enriched my life in so many ways over the years and I love them dearly. They have loved me, encouraged me, inspired me and healed me in so many, many ways they don’t even know. And a lot of my stories came out of some chance remark one of them made. All Hail Isis!