I have an active if weird dream life

I had the weirdest darn dream last night. I went in to my favourite tattoo place (Sunset Strip Tattoo) to get a tattoo of BunniHoTep. (If you need to know who that is go to my children’s blog page and read.) Somehow I fell asleep, unconscious, under a spell, whatever, non compos mentes, and ended up with full upper body tattoos. Full back, sleeves and up my neck which I know is technically impossible. That much tattooing at once would land in you in shock at the very least and a very bloody mess.

Supposedly a very large demon had gotten the same tattoos as a spell of so he couldn’t be dismissed and the tattoo artist had forgotten part of the spell so he decided to do it to the first magical person that walked in the door, me. I woke up (from being tattooed, not the dream.) and got out of there before it could have the last part of the spell finished the right way and spent the rest of the dream and night be chased by a very large red, tattooed demon.

Goddess! I hate chase dreams and I woke up in severe back pain like I had been tattooed or at least beaten. I don’t even believe in demons or angels for that matter. To be frank I see no difference between the two except whose side they are allegedly on.

Sometimes I really wonder where my brain gets this stuff.

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