Archive | May 1, 2012

T’was the night before Beltane

This is what happens when the system goes down at work.

T’was the night before Beltane

And all through the house

Not a creature was stirring

Well, Brownies chasing a mouse.

The Maypole was hung in the garden

With care

In hopes that the coven soon would be there.

The people were nestled all snug in their tents

Some of them dreaming of bonfires immense

And I in my sleep shirt and she in much less

And just settled in to state of undress.

When out on the lawn arose such a clatter

I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.

Away to the doorway I flew like a fool

And promptly tripped over her mules.

The moon rose high over lawns green and dim

Gave luster to a man who was definitely not slim

Surrounded by Maenads it now did appear

That Beltane was going to be wilder this year.

With a great bowl of wine and a keg by his side

I knew that Sir Bacchus had now just arrived.

“To the Maypole, to the Maypole”, he cried

And I hoped that the cheeses and meat would survive.

The Maenads were dancing and making us dizzy

And I knew that the Priestesses would throw such a tizzy

They were being upstaged by the Maenads crazed dance

That only Radical Fairies even stood half a chance.

I feared for the children’s well dressing to last

The Maenads were sweeping along in the paths

The Maypole was leaning a bit to the south

While I just stood gaping with wide open mouth

He was dressed all in leaves, from head to his toe

With grape vines entwined thoughout, don cha know.

A keg on two legs was found at his heels

I could see that he hardly ever missed a few meals.

His face was so red and shined with a glow

The wreath on his head was tipping just so

He smiled with a smile just full of great glee

He was going to be our most favourite party crashee

He gathered us round and started the dance

We all then joined in for such a fine prance.

Morning came when the sun started to rise

He waved us goodbye from over the rise

“Drink plenty of wine!” He gave us his warning

“Happy Beltane to all and to all a great morning”.


I have an active if weird dream life

I had the weirdest darn dream last night. I went in to my favourite tattoo place (Sunset Strip Tattoo) to get a tattoo of BunniHoTep. (If you need to know who that is go to my children’s blog page and read.) Somehow I fell asleep, unconscious, under a spell, whatever, non compos mentes, and ended up with full upper body tattoos. Full back, sleeves and up my neck which I know is technically impossible. That much tattooing at once would land in you in shock at the very least and a very bloody mess.

Supposedly a very large demon had gotten the same tattoos as a spell of so he couldn’t be dismissed and the tattoo artist had forgotten part of the spell so he decided to do it to the first magical person that walked in the door, me. I woke up (from being tattooed, not the dream.) and got out of there before it could have the last part of the spell finished the right way and spent the rest of the dream and night be chased by a very large red, tattooed demon.

Goddess! I hate chase dreams and I woke up in severe back pain like I had been tattooed or at least beaten. I don’t even believe in demons or angels for that matter. To be frank I see no difference between the two except whose side they are allegedly on.

Sometimes I really wonder where my brain gets this stuff.