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This used to be what my hair looked like. It now is quite short. For some reason that I don’t quite understand, I’m getting the strong urge to grow it again. Wonder if I should?
Last time it was a direct order from one of my deities. This time it’s more of a hope or suggestion. Hmmmm.

Poetry month – Summer prayer/poem

Since Beltane is the start of Summer

I greet this Summer morning
With music in my heart.
Blessings to the music of nature
Music in my feet
Music in my heart
Music in my soul.
May the music of life
Follow me all this day
Until fall of night.

I bathe in the music of Summer.
Song of mockingbird
Whisper of grass blades
Castanets of crow song
Laughter of raven
Susurrations of tree leaves
Chatter of squirrel
Chuckling of streams
Chattering of finches
Humming of bees
Nine songs of Summer
Bless us all the day
Until the songs of twilight.


Kindness is a cardinal virtue

I was in college in the sixties before The Sixties really set in. We talked a lot about existentialism in those innocent days, especially in my theater classes. Those were the days when the theater of the absurd was the big thing. We theater majors walked around asking each other, “How do I be in the world? What is the meaning of my existence?”

When I’m in One Of Those Moods, I have fun telling people I was in college while Shakespeare was still writing his plays. Then I watch their lips move as they try to figure out if I’m really 400 years old, and if I’m not that old, then what am I on? 

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