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Poetry month – Who can sail?

Who can sail when there is no wind?
Who without oars can go rowing?
Who can sail far away from a friend
Without tears a flowing?

Try to sail when there is no wind.
Try without oars to go rowing.
Try to sail far away from a friend
Without tears a flowing.

I can sail when there is no wind
I without oars can go rowing
But I can’t sail far away from a friend
Without tears a flowing

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to the wonderful My Botanical Garden! (

I hate to pick because there are so many wonderful blogs out there.

In no particular order.

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I tried not repeat ones from my other blogging award but I can’t see it at the moment.


7 random things

1. I’m sitting in incredibly noisy mall and I think I’m the oldest person here after a 11 hour day at work. I’m a bit weewaw.

2. I’ve shrunk 2 1/2 inches according to my doctor and it bugs the crap out of me. I was already the shortest in the family at 5’8.

3. My family had 2 girls and a boy and my aunt and uncle had 2 boys and a girl. So all sides ended up even.

4. I have more recessive genes than dominant genes.

5. I love CHEESE and I just found out the market down the street carries sliced Gouda instead of having to buy a huge hunk.

6. I used to be able to put both legs behind my head and once I got stuck that way.

7. I play the guitar, soprano, alto and tenor recorders, a shruti (badly), clairseach harp (badly) a soprano fretted dulcimer and a regular sized one, (not as badly)

Okay, all you fun nominated people pass it on!

I is for Insurrection – Pagan Blog Post

I moved schools when I was 9 from a Los Angeles school which except for advanced science classes was my life in hell to Glendale where my father taught into the school my dad had just left. I hit major culture shock. My LAUSD school was almost totally Jewish and my new school was definitely NOT. IN fact every Tuesday they had something called Religious Release Time where everybody separated into their respective religions had for an hour had some sort of study. If your parents didn’t allow you to go you went to something called, “Character Building.” I guess they figured if you weren’t religious you needed your character built.

It did not go over well with my parents when I requested to go to Character Building instead going with the rest of the Protestants. So I marched down the street with the rest of the Protestants to the Brethern church. It got to be very amusing because all the Protestants were Presbyterians and not Brethern and I walked into a weekly insurrection by the Presbyterians over one little word.

Every week they started with the Lord’s prayer. Brethern say “trespassers”, Presbyterians say “debtors” and the lone Brethern was the Sunday School teacher they brought in to teach us. So every week the Presbyterians screamed “DEBTORS!” at this poor woman. I know I remember nothing about those weekly sessions at all except the fact the Presbyterians got pissed every week. Oh and that one time she brought a bunny. I was more interested in the bunny.

I kept asking to go to Character building for the rest of elementary school but all it did was annoy my folks. You don’t get anywhere asking a Dad who is a Church Elder and a Mom who is not only in Choir but President of the Women’s Association and Deacon to let you off. But I was intensely curious to know what the kids left behind did and my Dad was the one who taught some of the kids left behind and he wouldn’t tell me. To this day I don’t know what the heck they did. And it was only a few kids. Most of the kids in school were Presbyterian or Mormon. The few that were left were Catholics whose parents couldn’t send them to the Catholic school and my friend, Sue who with her little brother got shipped off to the tiny temple in town.

All of the Presbyterians had this strange rivalry going because there were two big Presbyterian churches in town and then there was the big group of kids from my church which was in Hollywood and twice the size and then some of Glendale and Grandview plus had a TV show and was fairly famous at the time. It didn’t help that we sometimes went to the same winter camp as the Glendale kids and I’m sorry to say hung together in clique, partly because some of us would grow up to be gay and we’d known most of the kids since birth. It was safe space and when we got older gave us an out to keep from being inducted into the cult of Young Life that the others in Glendale all belonged to. Shucky darn, it met the same night as our church’s choir practice. Young Life was just creepy as far as I was concerned.

But now all I can remember about this forced church experience was how all of us rebelled against it. We couldn’t get out of going so we found the one thing that we could passively aggressive attack.