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In honour of Juliette Gordon Low getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom – Hooray for Daisy!


Girls Scouts together,
that is our song,
Winding the old trails,
rocky and long.

Learning our motto, living our creed,
Girl Scouts together in every good deed.
Girl Scouts together, happy are we,
Friendly to neighbors far o’er the sea.
Faithful to country, loyal to home Known as true Girl Scouts wherever we roam

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Poetry month – Ally Oxen Free – Camps song

Time to let the rain fall without the help of man
Time to let the trees grow tall now if they only can
Time to let our children live in a land that’s free
Ally ally ee, Ally oxen free
Allly ee ally oxen free.

Time to blow the smoke away and look at the stars again
Time to let our friends all know we’d like to begin again
Time to send a message across the land and sea.
Ally ally ee ally oxen free
Ally ee, ally oxen free

Small and weak, mild and meek
No more hide and seek.

Time to see the fairness of a children’s game
Time for men to stop and look and learn to do the same
Time to let our children live in a land that’s free.
Ally ally ee, ally oxen free
Ally ee ally oxen free

Tea snobbery

Okay, I admit it. I’m a tea snob. Most of the time at work I’m the only tea drinker and have to bring my own tea bags and if I’m really lucky and have the space, my tiny one cup tea pot with the itty bitty tea strainer for loose tea. Most of the time it’s tea bags though and I refuse to drink the dreck Lipton foists off on Americans as tea. Labeling it “brisk” is just trying to persuade Americans or at least those in the US that it’s good tea and not bitter crap.

It’s all punishment for that damn tea party in 1773.

I was raised to drink tea by my grandmother. My mother, her daughter took after her Swedish father’s side and loved coffee, particularly black coffee with no sweetener. I hate coffee. It’s false advertizing and smells better than it tastes.

My grandmother hit a home run with my sister and I. We’re the tea drinkers in the family. Grandma used to make Grandpa drive to British Columbia in their first car to get tea before they lowered the tariffs and imported it to the US. From LA that’s a long drive for groceries. They brought back other things too like my guilty pleasure Edinburgh Rock that you can’t get here most of the time but the trip was for tea.

So my current favourite brand for a long time has been Twining’s Prince of Wales but I think I have a new one and thanks to Amazon I can get it here. One of my new co-workers is from Kenya. The Kericho region specifically and he has gotten me hooked on Kericho Gold. He has been having relatives send it but I looked on Amazon and there is a small tea company here that sells it and it’s close by in Port Hueneme. (Pronounced Wy-nee-mee for non-Californians who don’t want to sound dumb if they ever visit here.) This stuff is good! And now he can get it here too.

Anthony says I need to try Ketapa tea next time. I’m happy!

If you are interested in the Pagan Studies Field

I’ve presented two papers here and last year did a reading with two other pagan authors. It’s a fantastic conference. Last year’s special guests were Z Budapest and Hyperion and the year before was Patrick McCollum and Selene Fox. I highly recommend doing it if you are interested in the field.

9th Conference on Current Pagan Studies

Pagan Sensibilities in Action

January 26 & 27, 2013

Claremont, CA

Call for Papers

This year we will focus on Pagan Sensibilities in Action. We welcome papers that discuss how our pagan perspectives manifest as our lived experiences in artistic expression, personal and collective practice, the manner in which we hold power, and other engagements, including involvement in politics, social justice, ecological concerns and economics. How do Pagan theo(a)logies inform our being in the world?

This year we are encouraging proposals for academic panels. Please contact us early if you would like to organize a panel.

We are looking for papers from all disciplines. A community needs artists, teachers, scientists, healers, historians, philosophers, educators, thinkers, activists, etc.

As usual, we are using Pagan in its most inclusive form, covering pagans, wiccans, witches and the numerous hybrids that have sprung up as well as any indigenous groups that feel akin to or want to be in conversation with Pagans.

Abstracts should be no longer than 350 words and are due by September 30, 2012. Go to our website for advice on presenting papers. Please email abstracts to pagan_conference