I like this. A cup of tea for Brighid.

The Ditzy Druid

Tea as an Offering

Tea is a wonderful thing.  It’s one of my favorite beverages and there’s something deeply soothing, healing, and even spiritual to it.  Indeed, many cultures have surrounding tea drinking with ceremony.  What about Druids?

Based on how many folk remedies from Europe involve herbal tisanes, I don’t doubt that Druids knew about hot infusions.  Who knows if they ever tasted actual tea plants from Asia.    Many modern Druids, on the other hand, love tea.  Black, green, white, red, herbal… Yum, yum!  The Maple Tree: Canadian Druidry recently posted about how tea is such an important part of the author’s hospitality (an extremely important virtue to Druidism)*.  It made me contemplate the other ways Druids (or Pagans in general) can use tea.  Healing, calming, tasseomancy, hospitality….

A few days ago, I had a nasty headache but I couldn’t sleep.  I like to keep busy so I…

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