Archive | April 16, 2012

Poetry month – On the loose – camp song

On the loose to climb a mountain
On the loose where I am free
On the loose to live my life the way I feel my life should be
For I’ve only got a minute and the whole world’s left to see
I’ll be looking for tomorrow on the loose

Have you ever seen the sunrise turn the sky completely red?
Have you slept beneath the moon and stars?
A pine bough for your head?
Do you sit and talk to friends though a word is never said?
Then you’re like me and you’ve been on the loose.

There’s a trail that I’ll be hiking just to see where if might go.
Many places left to visit, many people yet to know.
And in following my dreams I will live and I will grow
On a trail that’s out there somewhere on the loose.

So in search of love and laughter I am traveling ‘cross this land.
Never sure of where I’m going ‘cause I haven’t any plan.
So in time when you are ready, come and join me take my hand
Together we’ll share life out on the loose.


Why all the camp songs?

I guess you’ve noticed if you are here regularly that this month is poetry month and that the poems I’ve posted are camp songs. Most people that weren’t camp counselors think camp songs are things like “John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith” or other silly songs but the songs I think of as camp songs are the songs like the one I have posted. Songs that we sang at campfire or to sing kids to sleep that had the values that we held dear.

Those songs talked about freedom and equality, about love for the environment and about friendship and love. They talked about the things that young idealistic young women dream about. I still hold a lot of those ideals.

The songs are special to me for other reasons too. They all have great melodies and are the kind of songs anyone can sing. They aren’t difficult like an art song or horribly complex. They are songs that are meant to be shared. And the sharing is part of what makes them special. I remember where I learned a lot of them and who I sang them with. I remember looking in the eyes of my sister singers and knowing we were creating something special and as fragile and as lovely as a soap bubble.

Most of the songs are anonymous as far as I know. Some were written by other scouts, songs that were passed from Girl Scout to Girl Scout or other counselors. Sometimes we could compare songs that were taught differently at other camps and learned to make allowances for “regional” differences.

But most of all we learned to sing and to harmonize and to share and we must have done something right because now that a lot of us are gathering on Facebook we are still sharing our favourite songs.