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Poetry month – My Heretic Heart

Heretic Heart
Catherine Madsen


I am a bold and a Pagan soul
A-ramblin’ through this land
I judge the world by my own lights
And I come by my own hand
And if you ask me where I learned
To live so recklessly

My skin, my bones, my Heretic heart
Are my authority

My mother was a singer of tales
My father a dreaming man
And I have swung from the dragon’s tongue
And danced on Holy Land
I’ve sung the seed up out of the ground
And the bird down from the tree

My skin, my bones, my Heretic heart
Are my authority

I once was found but now I’m gone
Away from the “Faithful Fold”
Of those who preach that holiness
Is to do as you are told
Though law and scripture, priest and prayer
Have all instructed me

My skin, my bones, my Heretic heart
Are my authority

Now they tell me Jesus loves me
But I think that he loves in vain
He must go unrequited
On me he has no claim
For the man who would command me must
(Alt: My Goddess is our Lady Moon)
Wear the horn and let me be
(Alt: Whose tides run deep in me)

My skin, my bones, my Heretic heart
Are my authority

And while I breathe this glorious air
An outlaw I’ll remain
My body will not be subdued
And I will not be “saved”
And if I cannot shout it loud
I’ll sing it secretly

My skin, my bones, my Heretic heart
Are my authority

Be here Now – Brought to you by the letter “H”


   /ˌmɛdɪˈteɪʃən/ [med-i-tey-shuhn] noun

1. the act of meditating. 2.continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation.

3. transcendental meditation. 4. devout religious contemplation or spiritual introspection.

There is a mistaken assumption due the 60’s prevalence of transcendentalism that all meditation involves sitting still in enforced quiet, not so.

Meditation is any state that takes you into the now and into a state of reflection. Therefore how you get there is not as important as that you do get there.

A meditative state can be gained through activity not just gazing at your proverbial navel which may only tell you that you have belly button lint.

You can get to a meditative state by almost any repetitive activity that doesn’t demand your constant attention, i.e.; driving.

So you can get there into a state of mindfulness and peace or at least a solution to your current problem by doing things like taking a walk, knitting, embroidery, batting practice, practicing a musical instrument, doing the dishes or scrubbing the floor or vacuuming. The key is that it is repetitive enough and you know how to do it well that it doesn’t take conscious thought to keep the motion going

You don’t even have to consciously blank your mind. Doing something like practicing your musical instrument or even singing songs you know while walking will ground you and put you in your body and then will make you mindful of what your body is doing such as how you are breathing or if your fingers are moving in the correct fashion and then will let your body relax into the meditative state.

This kind of meditation can really help is you are the kind of person that can not keep still even if you have ADD you can get there just by the activity or movement you choose.

Just please don’t do it somewhere that could be hazardous like driving, riding a bike or some other activity where you need your wits about you at all times, like the cold medication says not for use while operating heavy machinery.