Archive | April 7, 2012

The adventure

I made the mistake of forgetting it was spring break when I went Hollyweird this afternoon and the 3 Stooges premiere is tonight at Grauman’s Chinese. Oh dopey me!

Wall to wall tourists, the oddlings who dress up everyday to have their pictures taken with tourists,  people touting tours of the stars homes, and hundreds of people looking down at the stars on the sidewalk and not where they are going and then stopping dead to take a picture. Enough to drive a native mad. And the only one who said a normal hello was the guy manning the door of the porn show.

I took the pics I wanted and scrambled back to the subway, hungry because there is nowhere normal to eat down there. The Hard Rock Cafe is not normal!

You are just have to wait til tomorrow for the first of the new goddessses.

Poetry month – Camp song

Life is for living
And love is for giving
And joy is for passing around

Join hands with each other
And love one another
And let’s let the music abound

Life is too short to waste it on gloom
Don’t let your love slip away so soon

Join hands with each other
And love one another
And let’s celebrate this good day.