Hands on healing

The topic of hands on healing is a touchy one. All puns intended.

Both because some people don’t believe it exists and because of the ethical aspect.

The technique is simple enough. You can perform the basic tree meditation or any other meditation that borrows energy from the earth or you can do a meditation that draws from the sky. I personally prefer earthen meditation. You will have to experiment a bit to see what works best for you.

When you have drawn the energy up through your body focus out your hands rather than out the top of your head or your feet. This is a shorter circuit and may feel peculiar at first. As if trying to do this in the first place isn’t peculiar enough?

Your hands should start to feel really warm at the hand chakra in the center of your palms. Now place your hands above whatever needs healing. Try it first on yourself. This isn’t a party trick. This is work. Direct the energy out of your hands and into the area that needs healing. For beginners this technique works best on things like sinuses and headaches.

Form a circuit back to the ground with the energy not in to yourself. Failing to make that circuit may take that problem into your body which is not a good situation. If you see auras this is a good time to check out the colour of the area that needs healing.

If you see a muddy colour work on clearing that colour or you can visualize the colour you feel it should be flowing clear and bright out and through the area. Always make sure the energy returns to the area you are drawing it from, either the earth or the sky.

Some people find the temperature change to a cooler one and that will also signal the end of the treatment.

When you feel your done GO WASH YOUR HANDS! You do not want to be carrying their problem around with you. Put your hands on the earth and if necessary place your hands in the earth. Even if all you can find is a potted plant. I did this for a few people at work who got migraines and sinus headaches and for years afterward the phone on my desk would ring and I would hear a small voice that said, “Help!” Of course I disguised it with some acupressure and massage techniques because if they really knew what I was doing they would have lost it completely.

Now, for the ethics portion of this lesson. Always ask first before you heal. Study the situation and what you know about this person even if they are driving you nuts radiating pain. Some people have a vested interest in being sick. It makes them the center of attention and they gather energy that way to make themselves feel better. No matter how loud they are, don’t do it. They will blame you ever after for their problems and you really don’t need that, do you? And for heaven sake don’t tell them you did it to shut them up that also will come back to haunt you. To them it makes it a selfish act rather than to satisfy a need to help. It is partially a selfish act but usually it’s also an act of love. People don’t generally want to heal people they dislike. If you don’t like them if you are truly being selfish you would rather they suffer. Just not in proximity to you.

One of the precepts of Wicca you don’t hear much any more is the one about keeping silent. This would be a good time to start that one again.