How good are you at spelling?

Miss Kat does not believe in using spell correspondence tables. We all have personal correspondences that are more accurate and powerful than any table from a book. And if you rely on a book you are being lazy. Our personal correspondences come from our life experience and making your own table is your own great magical undertaking not one that can be delegated. This is especially true if you are a synesthete and have things that are tied together neurologically.

FYI: Synesthesia is when colours have smells or music has colour or taste. They still aren’t sure what causes it but it isn’t that uncommon. For me certain numbers have colours and certain smells have colours. The key synesthesia trait is it is always the same every time you confront that smell or trigger. It doesn’t very, ever.

So if a spell table says yellow means sunlight and cheery things and you hate yellow but love orange or another colour means sunlight and cheery things, use your colour. I guarantee the spell will work better.

Or if someone says this colour or herb = Gemini and you’re a Gemini who dislikes that herb and there is an herb that to you is more Gemini like because it flowers at that time of year or has other Gemini like properties go ahead and use it. Yes, the astrological ones have a history behind them but if you hate caraway and you have some knowledge of plants there is nothing wrong with choosing a plant like Brunfelsia uniflora also known as Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

This kind of correspondence table is more work than using a correspondence table out of a book but your spells will probably work better because that correspondence means more to you. A personal correspondence table will also change as you age and grow because of new experiences. Nothing has to be set in stone.

3 thoughts on “How good are you at spelling?

  1. Exactly this. I have sets of directional correspondences that I have memorized, but some of the best work that I have ever used are those found on the fly to suit the location where I was. (I have also found that without some for of logic behind them I simply cannot memorize a list from a book. But that may be just me, most of the memorization that I did for school was in the form of derivations rather than equations.)


    • I’ve never been able to memorize at all. And I fail to see the logic behind most lists, especially the herbal list. They just aren’t logical. I have a minor in horticulture and a minor in botany and I like to know the logic of choosing the herbs. There are a couple of herbal tarot decks that are just plain stupid.


  2. I’m pretty good at using my own correspondences, and I think it is important to develop your own list of them, on the other hand I’m pretty good at memorising and sometimes I can get stuck. I think a combination of both is good to have, as I certainly agree that if you hate a particular colour or herb it isn’t going to work for you. So many herbs and colours have multiple associations so it is hard to be “wrong”, if you use or own associations. For instance this one book told me to use white for life and black for death as representations on my altar, but for me white is as much death as black and I use red instead. Earthdragon prefers white for life.


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