The Gathering Part 2 or We’re Here!

The first thing you must do is check in. They need to know if you are there and where you are camping in case of emergency. And if the people running the event have done this before they may make you park facing out and leave your keys with Check in. This is in case of having to move people out in an emergency.

Note to those running an event: if you decide to run a workshop on orienteering or a treasure hunt involving a compass, do not run it through the parking lot. A car’s engine makes the needles disoriented and all cars are north.

Now get a program of events and settle down in your nicely set up campsite to pick your workshops. Go to something new that you haven’t tried before. Have fun at the rituals.

Have fun! Make new friends! Be tolerant of others. There are many, many different flavors of pagans here. Don’t laugh at the Klingon bridal party. There may be all kinds of special rituals such as handfastings or wiccanings. If you are invited go and participate. Find out what Asatru is about. Explore different pantheons of deities.

If there are vendors, support them. It is always nice to go home with something handmade with love by another pagan. There are very few pagan shopping malls.

The same rules apply as for going to your first public ritual so maybe re-read those chapters.

And when its time to go, leave the place cleaner than you found it. If necessary take you trash home with you to dispose of it.
If you had a really good time volunteer your time to put on the next one. Thus insuring there is a next one.