It’s funny but it’s not Samhain that means death to me, it’s February and March that do. Because of a peculiarity in our family people only seem to die on family members birthdays or near them. My Mom died on February 15 which is near her father’s birthday and before my brother’s birthday on February 26th. He died 2 days before her birthday of Lammas. My dad died on March 1st after my brother’s birthday and a month before his own on March 31. So from about half way through February to the end of March my Swedish depressive side wants to out itself. It helps this year that I have a new temp job and can focus on learning new things but it sneaks up in shoulder cramping and other ways my body tells me it knows even if I’m not paying attention.

I’m going to try to get outside every weekend and that will help some. But I will be glad when March leaves.

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  1. ~hugs~ I can understand this. My dad died in March and so every March and so did a few other relatives. Sigh. Its tough when all the memories are clumped together in one space.


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