Goddesses of Los Angeles

You may have noticed the posts with photos of statues of women around L.A. I love my city. I was born in Hollywood CA (Yes, there are hospitals in the entertainment capital and I’m a 2nd generation almost 3rd generation Los Angelean) and if you live in Los Angeles very long and are at all observant you start noticing how many statues and pieces of art the city has. Some are bona fide goddesses and others are heroes of mine like Amelia Earhart who flew out of an airport in Glendale that is no longer there.

Now I live near North Hollywood which is over the hill from Hollywood where Amelia Earhart lived and worked. She worked for At&T to raise money for her plane flights and that building is down the street from where I live and across from the park where a statue now stands. Anyway, I love to find the statues that are hidden in plain sight.

Some are in museums like the Getty Villa, some are in parks or on public streets and some are hidden in gems like the Self Realization Fellowship Garden and Shrine or in huge gardens like the Huntington Library and Gardens, one of my favourite places on the planet.

The Green Cross lady is in Brand Park in Glendale and is an emblem of one of the first environmental movements in the 1920’s hence the flapper garb. You used to have to hike up to her and they have now brought her down the mountain to a spot in a more public place. You can find some in Mortuary parks like Forest Lawn or Inglewood. Forest Lawn Glendale especially prides itself on its art collection.

Pasadena has many public art works and Downtown LA has many so there will always be more because Los Angeles is a big, big place. J