I only had one sip from the Chalice, why the hell am I drunk?

Well, the simple answer is, you aren’t drunk you just feel that way. What you are is ungrounded. A lot of beginning ritual presenters and old timers who think you ought to know better will not tell you that you have to ground your energy when you end a ritual.

The beginners left it out because they have probably forgotten to do it too and the old timers because they figure you’re a grown up and don’t need to be reminded to do it but Miss Kat knows what it’s liked to come home from ritual and still be wide awake and watching an infomercial because she forgot to ground.

When you leave a ritual or better yet before you even leave the Circle, bend over if you are able, if not sit quietly and concentrate on sending the wonderful energy you just raised by being in a Circle back to the Earth. Relax and send it back with your thanks. Loosen your muscles and give yourself a good shake like a dog shedding water if that feels right but remember to ground yourself.

Even if you think you don’t need to, do it! Symptoms of not grounding can be as light as being unable to sleep post ritual and can be as severe as being nauseated or being intensely dizzy and off balance like being carsick or having labyrinthitis. In Gaelic they call it tuaicheal ( Sometimes heard as twollin) literally moving left wise or having been hit by an axe. You can feel very sick especially if it was a very large Circle.

If you are running a Circle you also need to be careful where you point that energy. Several years ago Miss Kat and her coven refused to attend a ritual at a large gathering because they were going to hex someone the Circle organizers disagreed with and that was outside the campsite and we were in Yosemite. Our coven doesn’t believe in performing negative magic and we declined to participate in doing so and so we all did other things. There was a problem with this as our small encampment lay southwest of where they were doing the circle and that was the direction that they let the energy go in. Miss Kat happened to be asleep at the time and got it through her body that was as close as Miss Kat has ever come to having a seizure and she doesn’t ever want to go there again. It took some one else to ground her, she couldn’t do it herself. Other effects of that night were that people got lost trying to find a campsite they had been camping at for three days already. Lovers had minor spats and friends had disagreements. So if you choose to work that kind of magic, WATCH WHERE YOU POINT THAT THING!

2 thoughts on “I only had one sip from the Chalice, why the hell am I drunk?

  1. Thank you for this post. I can honestly say that I haven’t really had a clue HOW to ground myself after a ritual, though I’ve been told several times that I should be wary of neglecting it. The thing is also that it seems a bit strange to me, to get rid of energy. I mean, it’s one thing to get rid of negative energy, I do that quite often. But the idea of sending away positive energy makes me hesitate, though on an intellectual level I understand the need of getting rid of excess energy after a ritual. I really gotta try and get over that sentiment… On a practical level, how do you know when to stop sending away the energy? I mean, how do you know when you’re all out of excess energy and you start drawing from your own?

    Hm… I really feel this is an issue I have to work with…


    • You know it’s your own energy when it feels like your pushing something out instead of letting the energy drain out and back to the earth. Hope that helps. You are going to have to experiment with how it feels to you.


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